What Is A Cartomizer?

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Blank cartridges are a thing of the past and with the electronic cigarette industry moving quickly, hardware designs are continuously improving. That said, cartomizers have replaced them, becoming the standard of electronic cigarettes you see today.

A cartomizer is a metal tube, open on one end and has a threading on the opposite end that screws into your e-cigarette battery. There are many types of threading patterns that come on cartomizers, such as 901, 801, 401, and the most common 510 threading. These threading patterns differ in barrel size, thread pitch and battery gender.

For example: The 510 thread spec adapts to an electronic cigarette battery that has a 7mm barrel size, a .5mm thread pitch and a female battery connector.

This more common 510 threading can be seen on many of the popular e-cigarette’s, like the Blu, eGo, and even the Volcano Inferno.

Cartomizer insidesCartomizers are best known for their inner workings. They have a filter inside that acts as a wicking system. Below the filter is the coil that vaporizes the e-liquid. When the user drips e-liquid onto the filter, it soaks it up and then reaches the coil to be vaporized.

Another great perk to using a cartomizer, is that users have the ability to use drip tips with them. There are many styles, shapes and sizes that will give the cartomizer a better overall appearance to suit the e-cigarette users personal taste. To learn more, Click here for our explanation on drip tips.

While a cartomizer may appear simple,  it’s actually quite complex. No matter how confusing it all may seem at first, this explanation isn’t to discourage, but more to inform and help you understand electronic cigarette hardware.

For more tips on hardware, Click here to visit our Ecig FAQS.

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