Which Electronic Cigarettes Use Liquid?

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All electronic cigarettes use a liquid solution, also known as E-Liquid. However, not all e-liquid contains nicotine. In order for you to receive vapor from the electronic cigarette, you must have e-liquid.

e-juiceHere’s how it works, the e-liquid is inside of a cartridge wicks to a coil that is also known as the ‘atomizer’. Once the e-cigarette battery is activated, it heats the atomizer and turns it into a vapor. The user then inhales the vapor from the mouth piece.

The e-liquid solution used in electronic cigarettes consists of 4 main ingredients. The ingredients are Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin, both acting as the base of the solution. E-liquid usually contains nicotine, which is avilable in many strengths and flavorings. There is a large amount of variety in flavors that are used with e-liquid, from the common tobacco and menthol, to soda or fruit flavors.

The electronic cigarettes that use this e-liquid won’t always look exactly like a traditional cigarette. Some are much larger, about the size of a cigar, while others are even bigger. Also, they vary in performance. Some electronic cigarettes have more power and include additional features. No matter what device you’re using, they all use e-liquid.

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