What Are V2 Cigs Ingredients?

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Wrong idea.
Not even this many.


Wondering what ingredients make up a V2 cig? It’s simple, really. From the V2 Cigs FAQ:

“nicotine, food grade flavorings and propylene glycol (an FDA approved food additive used in everything from cake mixes to asthma inhalers). Zero strength cartridges contain no nicotine. Propylene Glycol is the preferred e-cig ingredient base used to dilute and vaporize our pharmaceutical-grade nicotine liquid.”

So as you can see, there’s not much to worry about. While electronic cigarettes are not FDA approved, all of their individual ingredients are!

Much ado is often made about propylene glycol, which is an FDA approved additive. It’s used in food (such as popcorn or cake mixes), cosmetics (such as lotions), or even soap.

This is usually because people mistakenly associated propylene glycol with diethylene glycol, which is a common component in anti freeze that can be deadly. Propylene glycol can be used in anti freeze, but when it is it’s referred to as non-toxic antifreeze. As mentioned above, it’s used in everything from food to inhalers.

When you peel back the layer of fear mongering that overshadows electronic cigarettes, you find a product that has helped millions find a better way.

If you’re considering V2, check out our full review here.


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