What Are Electronic Cigarettes Side Effects?

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What are electronic cigarettes side effects? Even though no actual studies have been conducted of side effects related to electronic cigarettes, many users have reported minimal effects after switching to the alternative. On the other hand, most of e-cigarettes-facts-1these effects reported are usually due to removing themselves from the 4,000 chemicals that are in tobacco cigarettes. Most common when reported, users have said that when switching to e-cigs, they notice slight headaches, cold sweats, and coughing.

These are your typical symptoms when quitting tobacco cigarettes. It’s not the nicotine that is the problem, it’s the 4,000 chemicals your body is used to in-taking everyday, that you’re now not giving it. So, does an electronic cigarette itself have side effects? – Yes. Some users have reported that they’re allergic to Propylene Glycol (PG); a main ingredient in electronic cigarette e-liquid. It is said that these PG allergies won’t happen right away and that it may take some time for it to build up in your system.

Some electronic cigarette users have reported getting ‘choked up’, and hives on the upper body, along with a few other allergy related symptoms. Though this may sound unpleasing, being allergic to Propylene Glycol is very uncommon. One thing that might help you identify if you’re allergic to PG is if you’ve shown any symptoms when at a nightclub or party, where fog machines are used. The fog machines create a vapor and also uses PG to do this.

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