What Are Electronic Cigarettes Pros and Cons?

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Electronic Cigarettes have become a huge hit among tobacco users and that’s because they’re finding out that the many pros outweigh the cons.

Let’s break it down so that you can judge for yourself…

The Pros

Smoking Cessation: The great thing about electronic cigarettes is that you can get the same smoking cessation from that of a tobacco cigarette, but without the harmful chemicals. You get the hand to mouth movement you’ve become so used to, the nicotine you enjoy, and the ability to exhale smoke (or in this case, vapor) that you’ve grown to love.

E-Cigarettes Anywhere: Use e-cigarettes in your home or workplace without disturbing others with a foul smell. Though their are many shameless bans on smoking that include e-cigarettes, there are many public places that will allow you to use it indoors, such as bars and restaurants.

Low Cost: Compared to tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarette’s have an exceptionally low cost. Depending on how much you use your electronic cigarette, the typical user can last one to two weeks from just a 10ml bottle ($5.00 – $12), while tobacco users spend the same amount on cigarettes and only last them one day.

No 4,000 Chemicals: With electronic cigarettes, you don’t get the 4,000 chemicals that are found in tobacco cigarettes.

Huge Selection of Flavors: Electronic Cigarettes are not only great for the above reasons, but they also provide a huge selection of flavors to. Like tobacco flavors, candy flavor, fruit flavors and many more.

Community Support:  Unlike tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes have a large community of supporters. This community not only provides support, but also gives information about their experiences as well.

Mix and Match: Many electronic cigarettes have a universal threading that connects the cartomizers or cartridges to the battery. With that said, you can mix and match different brands to get the best experience possible.

Rapid Growing Market: The electronic cigarette industry has grown at a very rapid pace, so new products are being introduced to this market almost everyday. You’ll never be left with some old clunker, they’re continuously being improved.

No Foul Smell: Being that electronic cigarette do not contain the 4,000 chemicals found in a tobacco cigarette, when you exhale vapor, it emits no foul smell.

The Cons

Not FDA Approved: Unfortunately, the FDA has yet approve electronic cigarettes, even though they could be helping to save lives.

Lack Studies Conducted:  Since electronic cigarettes are still very new, there has been a lack of studies conducted for them. Though we are seeing a trickle of studies  conducted, it is said that they’ll become more frequent as time progresses.



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