The Difference Between An Advanced Personal Vaporizer and A Stick Ecig

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As you continue on your journey with electronic cigarettes, you’ll likely want to explore other ways of receiving your nicotine, such as using advanced personal vaporizers.

e-cigA stick ecig is the basics electronic cigarette. They require almost no maintenance and the kits you purchase them in usually comes with extra cartridges, allowing you to spend less refilling with e-liquid, and more time vaping. A stick ecig typically looks just like a real traditional cigarette; though many have slight changes in appearance. They tend to last about a quarter of the day to half a day depending on much the ecig is used. They have a small battery, but still has the ability to produce a decent amount of vapor that will satisfy the majority of users.

evic apvWith an advanced personal vaporizer, better known as “APV”, the device is much larger and packing a much larger battery as well. Since the battery is larger, it allows for a half a days use and depending on the battery type and size, it could last up to 3 days of normal use. In addition, APV’s commonly have batteries that have to be charged externally. These bigger devices also vary in appearance, size and shape. Typically, an APV will have a screen and a way to select voltage or wattage. They also usually have the ability to check other features, such as atomizer resistance and battery life. Advanced personal vaporizers have improved power and durability as well as varying features that come with each device.

The difference between them is, the stick ecig is smaller and looks a lot like a traditional cigarette. Though it doesn’t have a great amount of battery life, it’s much more pocket friendly and easier to use. On the other hand, the advanced personal vaporizer packs high power, offers outstanding battery life, but is rather large and isn’t so pocket friendly. Both of these types of ecigs have their place in the electronic cigarette industry. Where the APV may seem like the best option for some, many enjoy the smaller and basic version. Luckily for us, the majority of users are very versatile when it comes to all electronic cigarettes.

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