How To Use An E-Cig?

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e-cigUsing an E-Cig is very easy. Though it may take a bit more work to maintain your electronic cigarette, that little bit of maintenance is worth keeping your device in perfect condition. If you’ve finally decided to quit smoking and have ordered your first e-cig or even if you’re just interested in how to use an e-cig, we’re here to help.

Charging The Battery

Your electronic cigarette is just like many of the electronic devices you use today. They all have to stay charged in order to work. Most electronic cigarette starter kits come with 2 ways to charge your e-cigarette, one being a USB charger and the other being a wall outlet charger. Your charger is a very important piece to your electronic cigarette. Without it, it’s like having a cigarette, but no lighter.

Depending on the e-cig that you have, when you connect it to a power source, the light at the end of the battery will blink. When the device is fully charged, the light on either your e-cigarette or charger will turn to a different color or turn off, indicating that the charge is completed.

If you’re using a PCC (Personal Charging Case), you’ll need to make sure that you charge the PCC first. Charging the PCC is just like charging the battery itself. Once the charge is complete on the PCC, you can then insert your battery into the case (it usually has threads to screw the battery in).

Note: Never leave a charging battery unattended and make sure it is charging in a safe place. Be sure that the charger is in perfect working condition, with no loose parts or damaged casing.

Using A Cartomizer

More than likely, the cartomizers (cartridges) that come with your electronic cigarette are pre-filled with e-liquid inside of them. If that is the case, simply screw the cartomizer onto the battery to begin use. If the cartomizer is blank (no e-liquid inside), then filling the cartomizer can be done by dripping the e-liquid onto the filler inside the cartomizer. Fill the cartomizer until the filler become drenched in e-liquid. When filling the cartomizer, make sure that you tilt the cartomizer to a 45 degree angle, then drip a few drops into it, let it soak through, then continue to repeat until completely filled. In the middle of the filler, there is a center hole. This center hole is where your vapor comes from. Make sure to not get any e-liquid in the hole when filling the cartomizer. If you do accidentally get e-liquid into the hole, just put your mouth at the top and blow inside of it to push any e-liquid inside out.

Cartomizers vary in the time that they last, and it depends a lot on your tastes. Once it seems like the flavor isn’t as strong or you’re not getting much vapor, it is a good sign of indication that you’re cartomizer is running out of e-liquid.

How To Use The Electronic Cigarette

Even though with an electronic cigarette, you can produce vapor, much like you would do with a tobacco cigarette by producing smoke, it isn’t performed the same way. With an electronic cigarette, you’ll want to take long and slow pulls. This gives the coil inside the cartomizer time to vaporize the e-liquid and ensures that you don’t suck e-liquid into your mouth. When you inhale the vapor, if you hold it in like some people do with tobacco cigarettes, you’ll exhale very little vapor, because vapor dissipates and absorbs very quickly.

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