How Much Does It Cost To Use E-Cigs?

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How much does it cost monthly to use e-cigs? Electronic Cigarettes have become a preferred alternative to smoking.. Now that the electronic cigarette industry has blossomed, many smokers are making the switch, and those that haven’t switched are wondering about the cost. Does it cost less to quit smoking and start using electronic cigarettes? Yes!

(For this FAQ, we’ll be using one of the industry’s largest electronic cigarette company, Blu Cigs.)

Let’s break it down and figure out just how much it costs monthly:

blu Original Starter Kit: $69.95

  • Charges your batteries on the go
  • 1 pack to hold 5 e-cig cartridges
  • 2 Original/Premium electronic cigarette batteries
  • 1 wall charger
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 High strengthVariety Pack containing 2 Classic Tobacco cartridges, 1 Cherry Crush cartridge, 1 Magnificent Menthol cartridge and 1 Java Jolt cartridge.
  • One year warranty

The Original blu Starter Kit is great for a new electronic cigarette user because it offers everything you need to get started. However, even though it gets you started, it doesn’t keep you going. You’ll need to purchase more cartridges when you need them. blu Cigs cartridges are offered at many retail locations, so finding your preferred flavor shouldn’t be a problem. This particular kit is also a popular kit because it gives you a variety of flavors for you to try initially.

Once you’ve figured out which flavor best suits your tastes, you’ll need to purchase more cartridges. The amount of cartridges you purchase depends on how much you will use your electronic cigarette. Each cartridge holds about 1ml of e-liquid. For an example, we’ll say that you use 1 cartridge per day. (You may use less or more)

  • blu Cartridge Pack: 4x 5 Packs – $9.60 ea.
  • blu Cartridge Pack 2x 5 Packs – $10.80 ea.
  • 30 Cartridges Total: $60.00

As you see, your initial cost will be $69.95, and then each month it will cost you $60.00 to continue using the electronic cigarette. Remember, this estimate is based off of using 1 cartridge per day. You may use your device less, which could lower the cost for you significantly.

Interested in blu Ecigs? Click here to check out our review of the blu Electronic Cigarette.

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