Are Electronic Cigarettes FDA Approved?

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Wondering if electronic cigarettes are FDA approved? No they aren’t, although we think they should be. In 2009, the FDA tested two common brands of e-cigarettes, which can be considered an anamoly among e-cig companies as they were using extremely unsound methods in this isolated incident. Results found that one cartridge contained diethylene glycol instead of propylene glycol. Diethylene glycol is a cheaper but deadlier ingredient found in antifreeze. However, the study was largely regarded as flawed, and the company that made the tested cartridges no longer exists.

Since the time of that study, no other e-cigarette has tested positive for DEG (diethylene glycol) or any other substance other than propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (and nicotine) both of which have been used in foods, medications, cosmetics and thousands of consumer applications for decades. Unfortunately, this biased study of two companies using terribly bad production methods caused a lot of fear and anxiety about electronic cigarettes but hopefully with the education and changing of attitudes, the life-saving potential (millions) of electronic cigarettes can be fully realized.

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