Are E-Cigs Cheaper Than Smoking?

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Are e-cigs cheaper than smoking? – Yes. The initial purchase of an electronic cigarette starter kit will set you back between $40 to $60, but after that you won’t have to buy another device for years if you maintain it properly.

money pigHowever, what you will have to continually buy is the liquid solution, which is called e-liquid, short for electronic cigarette liquid. This e-liquid costs between $5 and $10 per 10 milliliter bottle, depending on the company you purchase from. How quickly you will need to buy more e-liquid depends on how much you use your e-cig (For me personally, I go through between 1 and 2 bottles per week).

For those of you who will be using Cartridges. also known as Cartomizers, your e-liquid comes pre-filled in the cartridge. A standard cartridge holds about 1ml of e-liquid in them, and larger cartridges hold up to 2ml of e-liquid. So, if you use 10ml’s of e-liquid per week, you would need 10 cartridges to last you throughout that week.

Note: Many electronic cigarette users differ in how much they use their device. 10ml’s could last you 2 weeks even. It depends on the person.

Monthly Estimated Cost: Electronic Cigarettes

  • 40 Cartridges: $64.95 – If you use your device less than what I personally do, that price will drop by quite a bit.


One thing you have to remember when asking this question is, even if it was the same cost as tobacco cigarettes, switching to this alternative is still highly in your favor because electronic cigarettes do not contain the 40,000 chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. Using e-cigs is less harmful and much cheaper than smoking.

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