Are Blu Cigs Healthy?

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The question that’s on everyone’s mind when they are considering the switch to electronic cigarettes: Are Blu Cigs or any electronic cigarette for that matter, healthy?

No electronic cigarette can claim to be 100% healthy, it’s just not something that any reputable vendor will tell you. However, there is a growing body of evidence and testimonials that suggest e-cigs are a greatly reduced harm alternative.

Some studies even suggest that harm is even negligible. For example, consider the IVAQS(Indoor Vapor Air Quality Story) that was conducted to “assess the impact on indoor air quality and public health relating to the use of e-cigarettes, a series of studies were conducted using e-cigarettes and standard tobacco cigarettes.” The study concluded that “Electronic cigarettes produce very small exposures relative to cigarettes and are not likely to produce discernible cancer or non-cancer related health effects.” You can read the full abstract here.

By all means, experiment on your own, see what you think. I’ve talked to quite a few people that have made the switch, who report just feeling better overall. If you’d like to give them a shot, don’t rush headfirst into the market. Take some time to look over our review section here for starter kits/here for mods, you’ll find that each review usually has a coupon code to save you some cash.


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