Eluma Cigs Reviews

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Eluma electronic cigarettes are a great alternative to “traditional cigarettes.” Eluma cigarettes are 100% carcinogen free and can be backed with laboratory proof. The Eluma Complete Starter Kit sells for only $79.99. Eluma also sells a USB e-cig that is only $29.99. Eluma also offers an “Epack.” The “Epack” is a carrying case for your e-cigarette and charges your battery while you are on the go! Eluma offers 5 different flavor choices which include: Death by Chocolate, Cherry Culmination, Vibrant Vanilla, Traditional Tobacco, and Cool Mint Menthol. Eluma cigs long lasting cartridges last as long as 20 regular tobacco cigarettes. Not only does Eluma Cigs believe in their product, but are willing to stand behind it with a 30 money back guarantee!

To learn more about Eluma e-cigarettes and products and services, please visit their website!

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  1. CT says

    Vapor production is good, but cartridges have inconsistent life. Some last longer than others. In 9 months I went through 6 batteries and I’m a light smoker. Had a problem with one battery that died the first day I got it, and the customer service people REFUSED to replace it. They acted like I was trying to scam them and/or had abused my Eluma device. I will switch to another brand as soon as my batteries die or I run out of cartridges because of the way I was treated by customer service. They never did replace the bad battery so I ended up having to order more just so I could use up the cartridges that I have on hand.

  2. Shawn Wagner says

    I tried a couple of other companies and gave up. It was either horrible taste, expensive, or cheap product. Then last July, I went to a wedding and noticed a couple of the bridesmaids were using e-cigs. They all had Eluma and I tried one of theirs and decided to give it another try. Well, 7 months later I’m still using it. I bought the complete kit. I really like the portable charger pack. I use to smoke Newports, so I went with the menthol. It is very minty and has the same throat burn effect without the tobacco taste. I tried the variety pack of flavors and I also like the vanilla and cherry. I heard a rumor that they might be offering the cartridge-atomizer combos. I would like to see that happen. The atomizer are inexpensive and the cartridges are too. The batteries hold a charge well and I’m not sure if its just me but I think they have gotten better since I started. All in all, Eluma has made me happy and cigarette free. I would recommend giving them a shot.

  3. Bianca Bricchi says

    Eluma is a rip of. My mother bought me the starter kit for christmas. Once I received my eluma I used it for two days when it stopped working. I did everything possible to try to fix it but all it would do was flash repeatedly. I called customer service and I swear they only have one man who ever talks to you who I believe to be the owner. There is supose to be a warranty but the owner did not want to exchange the product for free and wanted me to pay for another atomizer. He was rude and umprofessional and I had to threaten to call the better business bureu in order to exchange and it was a huge hassle, took one month to deliver and I had to pay for shipping. When I received my second Eluma it also stopped functioning in a couple of days. I now use Smoke Stik which is wonderful. It costs more but you get what you pay for. Do not buy Eluma unless you want to get ripped of and have to deal with a rude and unproffesional owner.

  4. Danyo says

    I purchased two starter kits within the last month, one for my Mother and one for my brother. I was super excited for them to start using e-cigs and the ElumaCig product looked like a good choice at first but OH WAS I WRONG!

    After less than a week of use, BOTH my Mom’s AND my Brother’s E-Cigs stopped functioning properly. It looks as if the batteries were failing and when I tried to explain this to the customer service (via about 5 different e-mails) they kept responding with the SAME B.S… saying it’s pretty much MY fault for using it the wrong way and/or the battery has become flooded. WTF?! I made sure that my Mom and Bro read the manual thoroughly and they followed the instructions clearly. STILL, the product failed and the dumb ass customer service has the nerve to blame us and give us stupid run arounds…

    Seriously, folks. I urge you to stay FAR from ElumaCigs. I’m not one to complain or say negative things about people/companies but these guys DO NOT deserve your hard earned $. They are crooks who don’t even have the decency to address issues that their own products clearly have. They can’t continue to cheat people anymore and I’m going to do my best to let everyone know just how terrible ElumaCigs is!

    Spread the word and good luck finding a better brand of E-Cig!


  5. Lauren says

    I wanted to thank Eluma for changing my life. I have been a smoker (about a
    pack a day) for almost 3 decades. I have tried everything to quit smoking
    and nothing worked! I am now a nonsmoker for 2 weeks 1 day and refuse to go
    back. This product has satisfied my urge to smoke and also tastes better
    than tobacco cigarettes!!

    I am so grateful to this company for creating such a great product and again
    thank you for changing my life for a better healthy life!!

  6. Kirby says

    The batteries don’t last as long as they say they will,and the atomizers if they do work you have to continually clean them all the time.It cost about 400 to 600 dollars a month.I would never recommend these cigarets even to my worst enemy.I think they should fold up their business and try something else that works.DON’T BUY.

  7. Kirby says

    Not worth what you pay for.

  8. Deborah Williams says

    I’ve had the same problems with the batteries and atomizers. After talking with customer service I found that I was causing the problems with both. After putting the eluma together it needs to be at rest in a level position to prevent the liquid from draining into the battery via gravity . It took me two weeks to learn how to properly use it. I clean it daily with hand cleaner and by blowing out the atomizer as well as the battery.I also detach it at night when not in use. Cust. Serv. said I could mail it back and replace it if they determined it was a manufacturers problem , which it wasn’t. They did give me 15% off my next order of batteries and I have not had a problem for over 6 weeks since I learned how to properly use it. Customer Service was as nice to me as I was to them. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar !!!

  9. Joe louden says

    I’m going to go to another company, cant be as bad as eluma. Six batteries in two months.

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