Electronic Cigarette Holiday Gift Guide

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Are you shopping for a vaper this holiday season, or hoping to help a smoker in your life make the switch to electronic cigarettes? If you’re a vaper yourself you probably already have some ideas in mind, but if you aren’t, you might be more than a little confused. Don’t worry, though. We’ve got you covered.

Electronic Cigarette Gift Ideas for Smokers

If the person you’re buying for is a smoker who hasn’t yet tried electronic cigarettes, your job is actually a bit easier. What you’re looking for is a starter kit.

E-cig starter kits are the perfect introduction to vaping. They provide everything necessary, conveniently packaged together. Of course, deciding to buy a starter kit is only step one. You next need to select the right electronic cigarette and determine which features the smoker in your life needs.

Combining the X30 mod and the Nautilus X that can be conveniently stored around your neck through the use of a lanyard so you can reach for a vape at any time.

Batteries: If budget is a big concern, then a starter kit with a single battery might be your best alternative. If you can swing it, though, a kit with at least two batteries is a better choice for the long term. E-cig batteries need to charge, so a single battery means no access to vaping during charging times.

If you want to chuck HUGE CLOUDS of vapour then we recommend the Cleito 120 sub tank

As for the choice between a manual or automatic battery, automatic batteries are usually better for new vapers. Since they don’t require pressing a button, they more closely mimic the smoking experience.

Chargers: Any kit you buy will come with a wall charger, but if you’re buying for someone who spends a lot of time in the car, look for a kit with a car charger or charging case.

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Supplies: Most kits will come with pre-filled cartomizers or empty cartomizers and refill liquid. Both are good options, but pre-filled cartomizers may have a slight advantage here. Ease of use is important when smokers are first switching to electronic cigarettes. Experimenting with filling cartomizers, using cartomizers and trying out different e-liquid flavors will come later, but for now, it’s best to keep it simple.

Look and Feel: For most, vaping is a process that starts with a device that resembles a traditional cigarette as much as possible. Many eventually move on to e-cigs that don’t resemble cigarettes much at all. Once someone starts viewing themselves as a nonsmoker, they want to distance themselves from their old habit. At first, though, something like the Sideshow will probably make your smoker more comfortable with switching.

What to Buy Someone Who Already Vapes

Depending on where your vaper is in the process, a starter kit might work here, as well. He or she just might be ready to move on to something slightly larger like the 902, or our largest and longest-lasting battery, the Lux. If on the other hand, you’re buying a holiday gift for someone who already has an electronic cigarette model they love, nicotine liquid is an excellent option.

You can probably find out what nicotine concentration to buy very easily, without tipping your gift recipient off and spoiling the surprise. Just casually ask, “So how much nicotine is in that, anyway?” If the person you’re buying for is like most vapers, he or she will not only answer your question but give you a complete lesson on e-liquid and nicotine concentration. Vapers love to talk about e-cigs.

Flavor is subjective, so rather than buying one or two large bottles of liquid, opt for several smaller bottles so that your vaper can sample multiple options. We can’t imagine any vaper out there who wouldn’t be ecstatic at the thought of a stocking full of new e-liquid flavors to try.

So vapers, what’s on your holiday e-cig wish list?

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