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Nucig Orange E-Liquid Review

Nucig offers a huge variety of e-liquid flavors, from dessert flavors like almond and chocolate to cocktail flavors like whiskey and rum to tobacco flavors specific to the UK like Lambert & Butler.

V4L WOW Caramel E-Liquid

This caramel flavor is not for the faint of heart. It comes on very strong, very rich and on the exhale is even more so. Being the WOW line of juices from V4L, this e-liquid is more VG than PG so there's nothing lacking in the least when it comes to vapor production.

Cigarti Strawberry Flavor

Flavor: 4/5 (Strawberry) Vapor Production: 3/5 Throat hit: 2/5 (Mild) Overall: 3/5 Sweet and aromatic. It has a nice taste like any other artificial strawberry flavor. I'd like it to be a little more prominent though. Throat hit is all right but I could go for a little more bite.

Cigarti Original Flavor Review

Flavor: 2/5 (Tobacco) Vapor Production: 3/5 Throat hit: 3/5 (Medium) Overall: 2/5 Can't really put a finger on what it's supposed to taste like other than coffee creamer. It doesn't really taste like tobacco so I'm not sure what they are going for. Throat hit is ok at least.