Cyclops Vapor Flavor Review

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Dedication to the Chemistry

Chemistry is all about Transformation for Cyclops Vapor. They take simple & natural ingredients carefully & methodically then turn it to transform them into perfect flavor combinations in an artful way. Just the slightest change in the balance of e-juice flavor ingredients and how they’re processed can drastically affect the total quality of the flavor of an e-liquid.

Hand Crafted to Perfection

They don’t use any equipment to mix their monster e-liquid batches, and they don’t outsource the flavor art or combination of their flavor ingredients. Each flavor is mixed, perfected, and bottled right there in Alabama in their warehouse. They handle every step of the process to maintain the consistency of the product, right through to shipping.


The Finest Ingredients

Using cheaper flavor ingredients may give more profit, but at what cost? Cyclops Vapor never compromises on quality, and they source only the finest ingredients from their partners in the United States. Those ingredients are carefully handled and stored in a sterile environment which is temperature controlled, enabling them to maintain the strictest quality control over every e-liquid flavor they create. The purity of Cyclops Vapor base ingredients always shines through in the finished products, guaranteed.


Pre-Steeped to Perfection

Cyclops Vapor pre-steeps every batch to ensure that every bottle our customers get has just the right balance of flavor and intensity. You’ll never have to tamper, shake or let your juice breathe when you get it in the mail. You’ll always get the same delicious flavor as soon as you get your vape mail and crack the bottle open.


Competitive Pricing

Despite our investment in higher quality ingredients and sterile work practices, Cyclops Vapor customers don’t have to pay extra. Cyclops Vapor keeps the cost of their products reasonable so that every vaper can enjoy Cyclops Vapors premium e-liquid


Cyclops Vapor | Flavor Sensations

The warm aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the pleasant odor of oven baked bread, the scent of roasted hazelnuts, and the sweet, fragrant perfume of ripe strawberries. Odors are strong links to old memories and help us relive pleasant, joyous feelings of our family and friends, childhood happiness, and our dark moments.

Every flavor has its story and place in their recollections. Flavor creation is a complex mixture of art, science, and technology, which is built up over many long years in Cyclops Vapor.

For instance, imagine trying to capture, in a small bottle, the velvety scent of freshly picked basil leaves, or the intricate, yet balanced aroma of fresh fruits. However, the more complex the task, the greater the sense of achievement. This is what inspires the skills and commitment of our favorite.
Cyclops Vapor is an experienced player in the art of flavor creation. However, the experience of the technical/creative team adds up to more years than they would care to remember. We are eager to propose great tasting flavors to all of our valued customers. Our approach is very simple and is based on a real understanding of our customer’s requirements. For us, every customer is the customer, who we propose to serve with understanding, passion, reliability, and great efficiency.

Cyclops Vapor loves to link technology, creativity, food culture, Italian and international flair, to create special flavors for you. Flavors are the heart of your products, and every flavor is as unique as your company. At Cyclops Vapor, working as a joint partnership with their customers is the only way of working. Cyclops Vapor mission is to help creative minds, demanding professionals, and home chefs, offering fantastic products in a simple and convenient way.

Cyclops Vapor belief is based on three simple concepts;
Quality, Service, and Value.

Cyclops Vapor E-Liquids


Colossus premium e-liquid is a smooth sweet flavor based on vanilla custard. >> Full Review

Poseidon premium e-liquid provides vapers with a crisp, delicious flavor combination  >> Full Review

Artemis is a berry cobbler flavored e-juice with a delicious baked flavor >> Full Review

Athena is a decadent amber e-liquid with a very subtle flavor on inhalation >> Full Review

Others E-Liquids are:

Strawberry just plucked from the spring field with a true, sweet aftertaste >> Full Review
Featuring smooth, creamy peanut butter cookie with notes of caramel drizzle>> Full Review
Enjoy the breakfast pastries; a sweet, creamy danish layered  blueberry >> Full Review
Sweet mocha and subtle nuttiness to provide a rich and lasting flavor>> Full Review


Intense Research and Development

From testing new ingredients, to an experienced marketing and brand development team, Cyclops Vapor spends a tremendous amount of time researching new flavors. Cyclops Vapor doesn’t just opt for a new flavor because it’s popular, or because their competitors sell it. Each flavor Cyclops Vapor creates must be representative of the brand, and it must meet Cyclops Vapor strict quality and flavor standards in testing, or Cyclops Vapor sends it to the abyss never to be heard from again.


Cyclops Vapor Passion

Cyclops Vapor loves everything about vaping and liquids. That’s why Cyclops Vapor is not just slinging products out the door. Their creative team spends weeks with each new proposed flavor, pouring over market research and mythology to position Cyclops Vapor products. Cyclops Vapor thinks vaping should be fun, and they want to give you more than just an e-liquid. While Cyclops Vapor is hard at work testing new flavor combinations, their creative guys put together the mythology behind each liquid so that it tells a story. With every flavor, you’re getting something truly unique, something that has never been seen before in a Vape liquid.

Cyclops Vapor does not set up limits, if possible we always like to go above and beyond. Take this opportunity to get to know them and they will ensure you that you will not be disappointed. Cyclops Vapor, your new partner in the exciting world of flavors.

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