From Springs to Magnets: Upgrading the Chi_You Switch

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So after receiving My Chi_You and taking it apart I discovered that the switch uses a spring and not magnets. I decided to upgrade the switch myself, I pulled out my trusty caliper(Highly Accurate Measuring Device) and took some measurements and this is what I have found.

The empty space when the button is pressed is

Height is 4.42mm

Outer Diameter is 9.94 mm

Inner Diameter is 6mm

The Magnets that I had found were perfect for what I needed. I purchased three(could have bought four of them) and after waiting for delivery I am now able to Upgrade.

Also I used a Medium Strength Threadlocker Blue to help keep the brass screw from unscrewing during use.


Step 1: Disassemble the Switch by unscrewing the brass screw on top.

Step 2 Inserting the Magnets by taking your three or four magnets and lining them up so that each magnet are pushing away from each other, then put them on the center shaft on the switch.

Step 3 Apply the top part of the switch.

Step 4 Apply the ThreadLocker to the brass screw(Optional)

Step 5 Screw in the brass screw.

Note if applying treadlocker: as soon as you apply the treadlocker to the screw, quickly screw it in.

Step 6 if treadlocker was applied you might have some excess compound  that you can clean off with a q tip.

Step 7 Enjoy


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  1. Steve Mac says

    Great post, man. I’m going to install mine tonight and give it a go. I hope it doesn’t fire when standing. Does yours fire standing without the lock?

  2. morrinb says

    Great post!

  3. bybees3 says

    great how-to

  4. tiffjamesnjj says

    i don’t have this mod, but that is too cool! i have heard of using magnets, sounds like that is something that will not wear out anytime soon. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Tyler says

    great how to guide

  6. Hannah says

    great post

  7. slap_maxwell says

    Well done! Thanks for the lesson!

  8. Mike says

    Awesome. Thanks for showing me more of this.

  9. Flux83 says

    The hardest part to upgrading any device is finding the right size magnets and making sure they are powerful enough to do what you need. Research!

  10. Tony says

    great post

  11. MrsB3 says

    Wow. great post

  12. Mike says

    Very cool, thanx for posting for us!!!!!

  13. RCO67 says

    Thanks for the pictorial Flux83. Do you mind revealing where you sourced the magnets?

  14. Dale Van Droof says

    what a simple and ingenious idea! love it!

  15. bybees3 says

    He got them for a guy…on a corner downtown…wearing a trenchcoat. He sells souvenirs, novelties, and party tricks. Running a special- buy three magnets, get a free fake dog doo.

  16. NonFat says

    great guide

  17. carlos says

    awesome 🙂

  18. ManuDawg says

    Nice post!

  19. stogismkr says

    Great guide and how to with amazing pics showing exactly what you were doing.

  20. bybees3 says

    15 points for posting blogs, more if it goes on front page. Let’s blog folks….

  21. slap_maxwell says

    Ok…what other tips and tricks you got for us? 🙂

  22. aaron says

    Very nice

  23. varguar says

    Nice how to, and the pics make all the difference!

  24. Flux83 says

    I have to get some new toys first Slap and then I will start throwing up some more stuff. Oh I do have a review coming up.

  25. Nathaniel says

    Thank You! For this very helpful post!!!

  26. sex toy instruction tubes says

    I was very pleased to find this internet site. I wanted to appreciate it for this great study!! I definitely enjoying every little it and I have you bookmarked to look at new stuff you post.

  27. anthony says

    where can i buy these magnets? please let me know! thanks!

  28. Shanks says

    Great guide! May I know where to get those magnets please?

  29. Slyrobber says

    Dude, get off your pedestal and let people know where you found the magnets! Tutorial is nothing new. Any dumb fuck can think of replacing a spring with magnets. Key is finding the right size. Your post is just you showing off. Help people or STFU!

  30. Flux83 says

    Ok that’s uncalled for, the reason I didn’t give a link was because after all of the problems I went through buying the magnets I chose not to send others in to the same situation. I did give you all of the details you need to know, do your research and find a company that doesn’t want to charge $6 for shipping a few magnets and then forget one before shipping and then say sorry here’s a refund for one magnet. I found the right magnets you can too no reason to act like a lazy prick. Is this ECA or ECF it sounds like this guy is on the wrong site.

  31. Fergie says

    Excellent guide, thank you very much 🙂

  32. kevin says

    @flux83 if you dont want us to go through the troubles can you just tell us the link of the magnets? I know you posted the size of the empty space but that doesn’t necessarily tell us what exact size magnets to get. Also the type of magnet. So please be kind enough to tell us the exact magnets you got. Also can you tell me why 3 or 4 magnets are used? Can’t you just use 2?

  33. shaun says

    Flux83. Thanks for more than ample instructions on how to do this. Sorry you have to deal work idiot people who are lazy and don’t understand.

    *The measurements he gave you are what you need to find your magnets.
    If you don’t think that’s exactly what the magnet needs to be, then measure it yourself.

    *He is not sourcing you the supplier because they suck at their job.
    He didn’t want you people bitching at him for sending you to a retarded place to shop, so you assholes still bitch.

    Stfu and say thanks, if you can’t find it/figure it out, then you probably shouldn’t be modifying your mod.

    Again thanks flux83

  34. Elinbain says

    Does the thread locker result in any voltage drops on your mod? There dont appear to be any electrically conducting thread locking compounds that can be used on screws this smal. I see some references to large battery posts on cars but the loctite faq says that anything conductive wouldn’t fit into the threads, it is an insulator and im sure some of the threadlocker is going to get into the bottom of your threaded hole which means less current being transmitted. what is your voltage under load for this?

  35. kelliperkins says

    I must say after reviewing again this has some very helpful info.

  36. kelli perkins says

    Now even more to think about…thanks for making it a bit clearer lol

  37. jay dogg says

    Could you please state the dimensions of the magnets that you used please. Thanks

  38. inch 35 inch says

    It’s really a cool and helpful piece of info. I am happy that you simply shared this
    helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this.

    Thanks for sharing.

  39. Reallango says

    I too was curious of any added resistance caused by the threadlocker. I was thinking of using a little on my Bamboo to keep the magnet from unthreading over time but am not willing to loose performance.

    I figured if I used it like suggested just a small amount lining one or two threads in the center it shouldn’t cause a problem but I see you used a lot and didn’t break your mod although I would think there is a noticeable voltage drop.

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