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The E-Cigarette vs. The E-Hookah

The difference between e-cigs and e-hookahs is that hookah pens create thicker clouds of vapor, and thus more flavorful clouds of vapor. It is a unique vaping experience than the e-cigarette.

Vapors from electronic cigarettes may be hot and dry, but because they use water vapor, e-hookahs should be smoother and cooler in your mouth than the traditional electronic cigarette.

Flavor varieties is also an another major difference of e-hookah and e-cigs. Hookah pens come with ready to use with a flavor already in them. There are many flavors to choose from, including those based on traditional hookah flavors as well as a variety of new and unique flavors.

Disposable E-Hookah Pens

These portable hookah sticks are essentially an electronic cigarette containing a flavored e-liquid solution, a disposable battery and an advanced atomizer which activates when the user inhales. There is no need to recharge e-hookahs making them the perfect accompaniment for your pocket or purse! Personally, I love to take these out to the bar since they always make a great conversation piece and without nicotine, they are great to share with smokers and non-smokers alike! Hookah sticks are available in 12 tasty flavors in the market and more which pretty much ensures we have a taste to meet your palette

It also carries the traditional menthol and tobacco flavors with nicotine for those looking for a little buzz on the go.Portable e-liquid vaporizers are also often marketed as portable hookahs. Although these devices are also great to share, they are not as convenient as the disposable hookah sticks and are several times more expensive. One of the great things about the disposables is that if I leave one at the bar who cares! At only several bucks a piece, they last between 300-500 puffs depending on how you smoke and you don’t have to worry about losing a hundred dollar vaporizer pen! For more information on portable hookah vaporizers (e-liquid vaporizers) check out THIS article.

The Disposable Hookah Sticks are available in the following 12 delicious flavors in the market without nicotine:

Hookah Pen Highlights

Choosing a disposable e-hookah pen may be as much fun as using it. Each e-hookah pen comes with a unique flavor, and there are so many for you to choose from. Here are just a few:

Traditional Fruit Flavors

  • Green Apple
  • Mango
  • Strawberry
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Honey

Fun Flavors

  • Banana Nut Bread
  • Orange Sherbet
  • Blueberry Muffin
  • Banana Pudding
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Cotton Candy
  • Mochaccino

More Fun Flavors

  • Magic Dragon
  • Creamy Cloud
  • Rainbow Burst
  • Kiss on the Lips


So maybe you have heard of them or maybe you are browsing around trying to find out exactly what the heck a hookah stick is, well, either way, you found the right spot! At we have put a tremendous amount of effort in selecting vendors and products we know that our customers will fall in love with and come back time and time again. 20t7 has been the year of the eHookah stick and with popularity soaring, these flavorful smoke-free tobacco alternatives have found their way to every niche of the market from online commerce to local gas and convenience stores.



So how do you find the best electronic hookah stick for you?

Well, we’re no experts, wait … yes, we are in fact this all we do! So we looked at dozens of vendors (read on ) gave out free samples to our loyal customers and did a lot of puffing to determine which brands would satisfy our customer’s lust to puff! Out of the 16 different brands we vetted, we took only 3 to our final decision makers and well they chose to carry all three! So what three made it to your fingertips and more importantly, why?

Out of the 16 different brands we vetted, we took only 3 to our final decision makers and well they chose to carry all three! So what three made it to your fingertips and more importantly, why?

We read reviews, customers comments, after all, you pay for us to come into work and occasionally for a day off, although my boss seems to be morally against rest but that’s another topic! We chose a bunch of the brands that are currently available on the US market and judges them on a basis of 4 factors:

  1. Taste – Obviously the most important!
  2. Vapor – Does the eHookah stick generate a pleasurable amount of vapor
  3. Convenience – Which were the easiest to use
  4. Social impact – Here is a unique one but we know that people love to share and part of the allure of hookah sticks is their ability to spark a conversation no matter where you are!


Out of the 16 different brands our customers, nearly 88% chose the hookah sticks as their favorite followed by Imperial hookah. So we asked what made the difference in their decision. Although some customers have been a fan of the brand eHookah sticks for a while they were all impressed by the new Hookah Stix appearance and bold rich flavor. When asked what was the most important aspect, nearly everyone agreed that flavor was their biggest motivator followed closely by appearance.

The new Hookah Sticks from any company were a smash hit due to their full-bodied flavors, easy activation with a well thought out flush mount activation button and superior appearance, which most agreed would certainly be a conversation starter no matter what kind of venue they attend.We made this list in no particular order-




Smooth E-Hookah Stick


Available Smooth E-Hookah Flavors:100% Nicotine Free

  • Apple Dapplez
  • Citrus Bombshell
  • Watermelon Punch
  • Tigurrz Blood
  • Cool Bliss
  • Mango Mayhem
  • Lemonade Melon Rage
  • Grapetastic
  • Jus Peach Em
  • Convicted Melon
  • Berry Strawberry



VaporX to be one of the first to carry the all new VaporX electronic disposable Hookah Stix. These deliciously flavored eHookah sticks are available in 10 different flavors ranging from Mixed Berry to Peach Mango. The 600 puff electronic hookah sticks contain a very low 0.6% nicotine, nifty little-jeweled tip, and a slim profile activation button. The low profile of the activation button is worth highlighting because of the contrast to many other hookah sticks. The low profile of the activation button allows users to carry the hookah stick in their pocket or purse with little worry of accidentally activating the E hookah and losing any of your delicious flavored vapor!

The all new VaporX eHookah Stix are available in 10 delicious flavors:

      1. Strawberry Banana
        Vanilla Dream
        Rich Mint Chocolate
        Hotte Cafe Latte
        Mixed Very Berry
        Sweet Sour Apple
        Dark Cherry Black
        Peach Mango Island
        Grape So D’Vine
        Melon Heaven

In addition to a delicious variety of flavors, the VaporX electronic hookah sticks feature the patented VaporX soft flex tip filter providing users with a comfortable and easy way to enjoy their disposable hookah.  Simple to use, eHookah sticks have become a great little treat to share with friends and spark up a conversation while out on the town. The VaporX Hookah Stix are the second generation of disposable hookahs from parent company Vapor-Corp.

The original version is still available in 12 tasty flavors and are inhalation activated allowing uses to simply inhale to get the blast of flavor to their puffer! Unlike the new hookah sticks, the original version contains no nicotine making them perfect for sharing with smokers and nonsmokers alike.

Electronic hookah sticks, also known as shishia sticks, ehookahs or hookah pens, are a convenient and fun way to get a blast of flavor to your puffer without any harmful tobacco smoke byproducts. These eHookahs come in a variety of different flavors and nicotine strengths giving users a plethora of options to find something that satisfies their taste buds.

The overwhelming popularity of eHookah sticks has actually spurred to create lots of online ehookah micro site dedicated to these delightful little flavored hookahs. Try all 22 Great flavors of eHookah Sticks today from VaporX which is  yourone stop source for premier vaporizers, electronic cigarettes and electronic hookah sticks!


V2 e-Pen Starter Kit – “Shisha Pen”

Price – £32.25

This includes the powerful 4.2 volt e-cig battery in a convenient size, giving 350 puffs, enough to last all day. V2Cigs use up-to-date technology so there is no need for large, cumbersome or unsightly batteries.


All the favorites are here such as Blueberry and Washington Apple, as well as premium tastes concocted by the flavor wizards at Fantasia:

– Adios [email protected]#%+&! (Brazilian Curacao Fruit With Citrus Twist)
– 4 Play (Mixed Melons)
– Rainbow Burst (Skittles Flavor)
– Joker (Psychotic Mixed Fruit)
– Dirty Blonde (Pineapple and Banana)
– Madzilla (Mad Berry)
– And more!

The health risks of using e-hookahs are still in research stage. As far as we are aware there have been no studies done on this nicotine free e-liquid and long-term health consequences. Though there are lots of Ecig Reviews and E-hookah review sites are referring them, Studies that have been conducted on e-cig liquid that contains nicotine, show no serious health side effects so far.


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