Chill’d Tobacco E-Liquid by Cosmic Fog Review

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If you love menthol cigarettes, then you need to try out Chill’d Tobacco e-liquid by Cosmic Fog. This e-juice is particularly recommended for people trying to wean themselves off tobacco sticks. The blend of tobacco, peppermint, and chocolate gives this e-juice a smooth and balanced taste, with just the right level of throat hit and vapor production.

There are many e-liquids with tobacco and menthol on the market. However, very few of them can be compared to Cosmic Fog’s Chill’d Tobacco. Many vapers who have tried Chill’d have given it a thumbs up, and once you try it out, you’ll see why.
The flavor of this e-juice leaves an impression on your taste buds. There’s something about mixing chocolate and peppermint that you can’t beat. Chill’d also includes tobacco leaf flavor. All three flavors blend together well to make this premium e-liquid really stand out from the others. This is an e-juice you can vape all day and still enjoy the flavor when you pick up your e-cig the next morning.
Chill’d Tobacco does not come down heavy on your taste buds. It is not also dull.  It tastes very much like a high-quality menthol-flavored tobacco cigarette. While the tobacco flavor gives this e-liquid a cigarette-like taste, the peppermint makes it cool on your throat. The smell of chocolate when you exhale will give your sense another experience.
You can get Chill’d Tobacco with different nicotine concentration levels; 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg respectively. If you have recently switched from smoking to vaping, it is advisable to start slowly by trying the 3mg version. However, if you are a heavy smoker, you can get the Chill’d Tobacco variant with 6mg of nicotine.
Chill’d Tobacco is also quite affordable considering its impressive quality. It costs just $24.99 to get 60mL of this e-juice from this vape store.
This e-liquid is 70 percent vegetable glycerin and 30 percent propylene glycol. As a result, it gives you the best of both; it does not just allow you produce lots of clouds, but also gives you a decent throat hit.
Cosmic Fog changed its e-liquid formula sometime last year from having a VG/PG ratio of 50:50 to a VG/PG ratio of 70:30. This makes Chill’d Tobacco and other e-juices from Cosmic Fog perfect for sub ohm vaping as you not only get to produce big, dense clouds, but you also enjoy a rich flavor. And you don’t have to worry about a harsh throat hit. When the company’s e-liquid formula was 50:50 for VG/PG, many users complained about the fact that the throat hit was too intense, and Cosmic Fog’s e-juices burnt their wicks. The California-based company decided to listen to the people and switched up its VG/PG concentration in February 2016. This has contributed to making Cosmic Fog’s e-liquids one of the most popular today.
 Chill’d Tobacco by Cosmic Fog comes in a bottle with a really cool design. It features the company’s logo; which looks like a cloud rocking sunglasses and cracking a smile. If you are new to vaping, this is the kind of e-liquid that you want to use. It not only rates well in cloud production, but it also has a pure and delightful taste.
Chill’d Tobacco is one of the new e-liquids from Cosmic Fog. The company, which is based in Orange County, California, has produced many other popular e-liquids including Chewberry, Kryp, and its Lost Fog collection. Cosmic Fog is said to spend up to 10 months in the production of its e-juice flavors. Experts reportedly also spend several weeks testing the flavors by vaping them to ensure their quality and flavor are standard.
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