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Cucumber Mint E-Liquid by Salty Fog Review

Cucumber Mint by Salty Fog is a rather unusual mix of cucumber and mint flavor. This is a one-of-a-kind e-liquid and it is very good. Cold fresh lemonade with cucumber and ice, selective focus Cucumber Mint is a five-star e-liquid. Yes, you can say I am a little biased for this one. But note that I only recommend what truly works, and for many other vapers anyway. I am one of those guys that love candies and fruits. So when I came across Cucumber Mint by Salty Fog at Vapor Origin, I was intrigued. I have never seen any

Coconut Caramel Cookie by E-Juice Vapor Review

There are thousands of e-liquids on the market, but not all of them are unique. Coconut Caramel Cookie is one of the most peculiar vape juice blends out there. E-Juice Vapor describes this as one of its "most unique flavor." This is also one of the best selling vape juice blends from this New Zealand-based e-liquid maker. Coconut Caramel Cookie is an e-juice for vapers who love decadent dessert vapes. It is a blend of milky coconut, delicious cookies, and sweet caramel flavor. This e-liquid will captivate your taste

Hop Scotch E-Liquid by Humble Juice Co. Review

Hop Scotch is a classic sweet-tasting vape juice by Humble Juice Co. This vape juice has the flavor of butterscotch, vanilla, custard, and toffee. You will be impressed from the first hit that you take from Hop Scotch. There is no weird taste from this e-liquid. You can vape it all day long and not get bored with its taste. Hop Scotch by Humble Juice is an excellent vape juice. When you take a hit, the butterscotch flavor is the first you'd taste. On the exhale, the sweet vanilla flavor becomes evident. The vanilla flavor

Vazilla E-Liquid by G2 Vapor Review

Vazilla by G2 Vapor is a vanilla custard cake vape juice that will bring a smile to your face. This is one of the only decadent dessert flavors that I can vape all day long. Whether you choose to vape Vazilla alone or mix it with other e-liquid flavors, you won't be disappointed.  Vazilla by G2 Vapor was made for cake lovers. If you want a delicious banana flavor, this e-liquid is for you. It reminds me of the triple tier vanilla wedding cake I had at my sister’s wedding. Vazilla by G2 Vapor is a combination of banana

Pink Burst E-Liquid by Keep It 100 Review

Pink Burst by Keep It 100 was made for all strawberry lovers out there. This e-juice has the flavor of chewy, strawberry candy. It reminds me of the taste of pink Starburst strawberry candy. You can tell that you're in for a treat from the moment that you open the cap of this e-juice bottle because the aroma is yummy. It smells sweet with a distinct strawberry flavor. Some people have also said it smells like a strawberry taffy. The taste of Pink Burst is well balanced. Unlike other strawberry candy e-liquids out there, it

Sonrise E-Juice by Cosmic Fog Review

Sonrise by Cosmic Fog is a mix of passion fruit, kiwi, pineapple and a bit of menthol flavor. These different flavors come together to create a unique vape juice. As you can tell from its name, Sonrise is a summertime vape.  It will give you the feeling of relaxing at the beach and sipping on a fruit cocktail. This can easily become an all day vape. You can taste the three different fruit flavors on the inhale when vaping Sonrise. On the exhale, the kiwi stands out with a hint of citrus. Sonrise has a strong, sweet flavor,…

Strizzy E-Liquid by Ruthless Vapors Review

Strizzy by Ruthless Vapors is a combination of three fruity flavors. The flavor of this e-juice will knock you off your feet. This e-liquid has a well-rounded flavor. You can vape it all day long without any issues. Strizzy is a blend of kiwi, raspberry, and strawberry flavor. Strizzy by Ruthless Vapors is surprisingly good. The sweet and tart taste of the fruit flavors come together well. The tart raspberry flavor blasts through on the inhale. Then, the sweetness comes out with the tangy tropical kiwi flavor. The sweet…

Unicorn Treats E-Liquid by Humble Juice Review

There are very few things as satisfying as a bowl of cereal in the morning. The crunchiness and the sweet milky taste is the perfect way to start the day. You can get the same satisfaction from vaping Unicorn Treats by Humble Juice. Unicorn Treats is an e-juice for breakfast lovers. This is one of those cereal flavors that will make you reminisce about your childhood. It tastes very much like Lucky Charms cereals. Vaping at about 82 watts and 0.2 ohms, you get a spot-on Lucky Charm cereal flavor. On the inhale, you get a…

Candy Watermelon E-Liquid By Vape Craft Inc. Review

Candy Watermelon is a delicious vape juice that will appeal to vapers with sweet tooth cravings. This e-juice is a blend of sweet candy and ripe watermelon flavor. This e-liquid has a natural taste that doesn't get old. Candy Watermelon is a classic e-juice. It will remind you of your favorite watermelon candy. If you are a fan of candies, this is an e-juice that you must try. This is one of those sweet e-liquids that makes a perfect all day vape. Candy Watermelon is manufactured in the United States by Vape Craft Inc. This…

Tuglyfe E-Liquid Line Review

The Tuglyfe line is the creation of Flawless. The new e-juice series is dedicated to gourmet e-liquids. Currently, there are three vape juice flavors in the Tuglyfe series namely Leprechaun Milk, Still Sippin, and Still Sippin Ice. Flawless is one of the leading brands in the vaping industry. The company has a team of expert mixologists who create outstanding e-juice flavors using the finest ingredients. You can get a 120ml bottle of any of the e-liquids in the Tuglyfe line for only $19.99 at the Flawless vape shop. Flawless…