Blu Cig Reviews

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Presentation/Packaging 5/5

The new kit from Blu Cigs comes with a whole slew of upgrades including an updated, very modern box. “Rise From The Ashes” is their new tagline, so Blu hasn’t lost any of their marketing wizardry, employing subtle but attractive graphics. They’ve swapped out the tired magnet-flap box for a top-sliding box with everything neatly stacked. The packaging inside is a little reminiscent of Apple’s packaging and it’s a fair use of the concept as this product is all about innovation.

Concerning innovation, there’s much to say about the new personal charging case (PCC). Right away I noticed the no-screw charging port for the battery. The battery can be simply dropped in and when the pack is closed, it charges. This is really great, especially for people like me with hot-dog fingers and the dexterity of a lobster. Gone are the frustrating days of trying to screw the battery into the pack and the feeling of performing surgery on an insect. The pack also lights up on opening, so you can see what you’re doing. The PCC has two triple-light indicators on the side, one for PCC charge and battery charge each. The “social” feature on the pack is an interesting inclusion in the new kit: the pack will vibrate and flash whenever another Blu user or retail location is within fifty feet. For some, this might seem a bit much, for others, a good reason to chat with a fellow e-cig user. However, I’m curious what affect this might have on the battery life. It’s not really needed. Regardless, bringing e-cig users together is a big step in changing attitudes and educating about electronic cigarettes. Even more impressive is that the pack uses a micro USB connection, which upon the release of software from blu, will allow the user to store and share social media (Facebook/Twitter) information in the pack. And if you don’t want to use it, you can easily turn the function on and off.

Battery/Responsiveness 4.5/5

Blu’s battery is one of the biggest upgrades in the new kit and it’s kept the cigarette sized length, making it one of the best transition products around. It’s incredibly light and easy to manipulate in your fingers. Of course like all super-mini or micro batteries, the life here is substantially shorter than many of the longer or bulkier batteries out there. However, Blu has listened to their customers and added the option to purchase a “100” length battery instead, which is a boon to anyone that puffs up a storm. In terms of responsiveness, the blu battery is extremely responsive and sometimes too responsive. Though if you keep the battery in the pack for storage (as the manual advises) it’s not really a problem.

Vapor/Flavor(s) 4/5

This is another category where Blu has done some work to legitimize e-cigs, through their exclusive use of Johnson Creek e-liquid. This is kind of old news, as Johnson Creek has been known for some time now as being the cleanest, most transparent and quality controlled e-juice vendor around. With Blu sticking with them for their product, has done a lot to allay general fears (often irrational) about electronic cigarettes. Beyond public opinion though, Blu’s new cartomizers produce an incredible amount of vapor with a very easy draw. This is of course in part to their use of 100% vegetable glycerin (VG), but their new cartomizers seem to last longer and crank out more vapor than previous versions. When I’d reviewed the ProSmoke earlier this year, another super-mini unit using 100% VG, I’d said that you won’t find another mini e-cig with that kind of vapor production. I may have to take that statement back, as these cartomizers produce as much, if not more than the three-piece from ProSmoke. The same flavors are still offered here and while they’re not as strong-tasting as many flavors you’ll find out there (an inherent quality of VG) they’re much improved- likely some of the best you’ll find among 100% VG liquids.

Overall (Not An Average) 5/5

I’ve given this kit an overall perfect score for a couple of broad reasons, among all the little things that I like about this kit. I’ve mentioned one throughout this review: Blu has put in the extra work. The continued use of Johnson Creek and their high quality juice and the sheer presence of their brand- these have gone a long way to further the knowledge that electronic cigarettes are legitimate, safe and have the potential to save lives. The other broad reason is simply this kit’s value as a transition product for the beginner (from cigarettes to e-cigarettes). While this kit might not work for some of the more experienced vapers out there who aren’t willing to give up the performance of mods or bigger units, for the smoker who’s ready to throw out the cigarettes and replace it with something satisfying, this will hit the mark every time. The easy-to-use, advanced PCC and the small size of the battery, combined with great vapor production make this kit remarkably impressive.

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  1. Pam N. says

    I really like the vapor and the flavors and it doesn’t hurt my throat like other e-cigs. I would recommend the blu

  2. Crease says

    I have been a smoker for 12 years. Of all the things I ahve tried to quick the habit, the Blu cig was the first to really make the transition easy. I shopped around and researched many brands of e-cigs, but ultimately I went with Blu because they had the best deals. The starter kit was a steal. If you order your replacement cartridges strategically, you can do the free shipping without fear of being stuck with no cartridges. I have never had a problem with leaky cartridges, maybe some people were getting an older model? And as far as the battery “hitting” too easily, just keep it away from wind or put your thumb over the hole. It’s based on air flow.

  3. Dale says

    if you want to stop smoking but still need ur nicotine try the blu, it will make u hate cigarettes

  4. TJ says

    First time trying an e-cig and i’m VERY impressed. They must have done away with their smoke juice dripping everywhere method before because with the cartomizers i received in my starter kit I haven’t had them leak once and every piece of equipment ordered works like a charm. The batteries could last a bit longer but still works great imo. LOVE the carrying case, LOVE the black look with blue LED. Shipping was AMAZINGLY fast. placed order on monday morning, received package Friday morning and that was from NC to UT… Overall, I’m VERY pleased with this product! My model number btw, is BLU-D88

  5. JEFF B says


  6. dave says

    I was excited to open up my package today. There werent any leaks or battery problems some people had experienced; thank god. I got the vanilla flavor and love it so far. Great product and will stick to blu.

  7. Sandra Keiser says

    blu needs to do some changes to their battery and it would be much better and not have to charge all the time

  8. Sarah says

    I had Blu in the past and I was pretty satisfied before now. This year I got a new starter kit for my boyfriend and I, extremely disappointed in where they headed. The batteries do not last near to 100 puffs, but that may be because I have to drag hardcore on it to get any smoke. The Cherry Crush ones seem to be the only flavor that has smoke when I puff it. Even though I like the flavor, I don’t like that it’s the only decent flavor that produces any kind of smoke. I feel like they half-ass fill the cartridges. They never last 300 puffs, not even close. The product is terrible, I do not recommend it at all anymore. Tonight, I just had a cartridge that was brand new and didn’t produce any smoke whatsoever. I wasted a whole battery trying to get it to go and it never happened. I put in another new cartridge and that worked immediately. So I got ripped off one cartridge, definitely not worth the $12 for the cartridge pack. That’s not even all…. one of my batteries, not even a couple months old, is already deteriorating and not working properly. The light just kind of goes out and it stops working, it doesn’t even need charging. Which is yet another problem. Even the charger pack isn’t working, again not even a couple months old. It’s not charging batteries nor does it seem to be charging when it’s plugged in. Another problem is the USB charger. I have to plug it in, unplug it, plug it back in over and over because it doesn’t always charge a completely uncharged battery. I have double checked everything, I treat all of my products very well, everything says Blu is responsible. It is their product that is just awful. I’m going to call them tomorrow and speak to a manager to make sure they take back the cartridges I ordered a couple of days ago because I have had enough fighting with their horrible product. I’m shocked they’re so well known and get good reviews. I’ve had nothing good to say about them since I got these new starter kits. I’m returning it and taking my money elsewhere. What a waste of time.

  9. Thomas Beacon says

    I saw the blu Cigs commercial on TV and was curious since I had tried other brands of electronic cigarettes. I didn’t call at the time but on my next trip to Walgreen’s I look up and there they were! blu disposables were right there for only $8.00. I gotta say the menthol was awesome. I love the fact that I know exactly what is in them and that the ingredients are made in the USA. I order the blu rechargeable smart pack and it’s the best starter kit I’ve seen for the money. I’m definitely going to invest in the Premium 100 when it comes out.

  10. Leth says

    I have no idea what every one rating the product a “1” got. I must have gotten the diamond in the rough. The starter kit was on sale at JR’s in Burlington NC so I snatched it up and bought a 5 pack of regular tobacco (H) and a 5 pack of menthol (H) for my son. We each took a battery and he took the usb charger and all the menthol cartridges. We’ve been using it for a month now and neither of us have smoked a regular cigarette since day 1.

    I like how they have step-downs in nicotine level…all the way to no nicotine. What a perfect way to ween people off nicotine but still give them the oral fixation cues.

    The battery is sensitive and that does cause it to need to be charged more frequently. However, I have the feeling that a lot of the complainers about low battery life aren’t paying attention to the manual. It states that if you leave the batteries plugged in for too long, they decharge and start charging back up. I would bet money that a LOT of people leave it plugged in over night. Batteries typically have a memory. If you keep de-charging them and recharging, it shortens the life. If you pull the battery off the charger at half charge, the next time you put it on it thinks it only needs a half charge. Learn to let the battery run totally down (30 blu blinks…hello??) and then charge it to full and remove it from the charger immediately after it shows full.

    The pulls are pretty much like a cig. The initial pull is typically less productive. I normally use a double pull method for the first pull. Hits the back of the throat nicely. My main complaint is that most of the flavors have an identical underlying taste of coffee…perhaps light chocolate flavored coffee. Even the menthol. The Cherry Crush has the least flavor of coffee…but it is still there.

    At the end of the day, if you can’t be bothered to read a manual and follow it, stick with nicorette gum or patches.

  11. TJ says

    This was just posted but the rating was wrong. I rated this product a 3/5 after using for 3 months…. Website shows a 5/5 still.. Wanted to be correct for readers….

    Here’s my 2nd review for blu cigs after 3 months from receipt date of my starter kit. Had a battery problem off the get go, AWESOME customer service took care of me (of coarse making me send the product in first before replacing it making me wait TWICE as long, not offering ANY other alternatives like half off a new battery), about 2 months in i got nervous about battery performance and purchased a 3rd battery and now 2 out of the 3 are horrid and the other BARELY works. DONT want to wait 2.5 weeks to vape again as i will most likely go back to regular cigs which is bad. I asked if i could purchase 3 new batteries and then mail in my defective ones and get a refund on the 3 purchased ones AFTER they received my defective units…. DENIED NO IDEA why this would be denied as it’s the practically the SAME thing as mailing them for replacement under the 1 yr warranty… CARTOMIZERS now.. hmm well. 3 months ago, AWESOME. got exactly what they said i would out of them and enjoyed the flavor VERY much. My last shipment i received yesterday is absolutely horrid. my cartomizers are giving me 1/3 the vape I used to get and as someone else stated, there seems to be a slight coffee taste and not necessarily a good one. It’s a weird, musty kind of tasting coffee. very strange. After struggling with customer service this last week to keep a customer and several referrals as well as their reputation, they basically told me they could care less if i go elsewhere which was sad. NICE customer service reps, HORRIBLE corporate management. They don’t really care about their customers and their product is going back down hill imo… BETTER FIX IT SOON BLU… MANY vapers open their wallets to you but for how long is up to you…. …

  12. doug says

    Blu cigs have plenty of vapor and pretty good taste, I especially liked the tobacco flavor. The coffee with blu is O.K. My only concern was the price of refills which is more than cartomizers from other companies, but I’m still saving so much money off my cigarettes, so I’m satisfied and smoke-free.

  13. toobad says

    It’s a 50/ 50 proposition,
    Batteries are better in the 100 series but are still over rated by a bunch,
    But I would find it acceptable if you could get two fuctioning batteries in a single shipment, with the painly slow shipping for replacement batteries,
    It much faster to return the entire product and start over,
    Because BLU has decided to not sell seperately batteries and a usb charger, IMHO bad call by BLU !
    Keep in mind I take about 7 or 8 puffs, this is a regular cig, half hour or so later another 7 – 8 puffs…….the battery dies after about 6 times,
    So with that in mind batteries are only lasting for 6 cigs worth,
    Flavor tips are about half a pack, this is not a pack of cigs, at 10.60 for a five pack this will = over 4.00 a pack for the tips alone then what is your time worth for repeated trips to a post office playing around with returns of batteries ?

  14. Scott from Smyrna GA says

    I love the transition using Blu. The battery is about the same size as a cig (Although much heavier). I got the new Social Pack and the no screw charging pack! Wonderful. The flavor and vapor production has been excellent, better then V2, and Green smoke. I had an issue with the batteries and customer service replaced them, no problem. I ordered two extra batteries and now all four are perfect. No leaking on their new cartomizers and did I mention the taste? Wow!

    I would like to see a longer lasting battery that you do not have to buy a starter kit in order to receive. The only one available is the Micro battery. All in all the battery life per charge doesn’t matter much because the new pack stops charging when the battery is fully charged. No worries about over charging. I just smoke a Cig and charge it while I smoke another. I am giving 5 of 5 because I believe this is simply the best Ecig for me out there. The only thing better is a 901 V4!

  15. Leah s says

    poor battery performance but still works okay. 3 out of 5

  16. justin k. says

    The vapor production is good, flavor also. However, if you are a heavy smoker, you;re going to want to go with an Ego type system. the pack is great, but for the same price you can get the Ego which is refillable and the batteries last at least a full day. good for a beginner and very realistic.

  17. Frank says

    I used blu cigs back when it first came out and was largely disappointed. Then I picked up the premium kit after reading a few reviews and my outlook totally changed. The new kit is so easy to use, the pack is easy to charge and charge your batteries. I live in a big city so it actually makes the social feature a cool thing to have. The flavors are MUCH better than the 3-piece kit that blu originally had, the vapor is better too. The batteries don’t last forever but they feel like you’re smoking a cig so that makes all the difference in the world. Overall a huge improvement over previous blu. Recommend.

  18. curt says

    1. i’ve read alot that people have had alot of trouble with blu customer service. this may be true and if it is im glad to have avoided it, but for me the product works great so i have no need……

    2.I work for a delivery service so and ive been looking for something I could take with me on my route and save money on cigarettes, stop inhaling all that nasty smoke. I had an ego kit which works GREAT but there’s so many parts to take around it just wasnt working out for me. This has been a great investment. each morning, after the pack’s charged overnight i just check and make sure i have two cartomizers in my blu pack and im good to go.

    3.the battery doesn’t last forever and it can be a bit sensitive at times but as long as i keep it in the pack it works just fine. dont really use the social feature too much, kinda silly if u ask me….. the nicest thing is that you can just drop the battery in, no need to screw it in and it starts charging. it also lights up so u can see what the hell ur doing when its dark out and u got no light. the pack vibrates when its charging which is a nice touch too…overall it seems more like a cellphone then a cig pack haha, nice technologie used

    4. the amount of vapor produced by the blu is incredible, even compared to my ego which i used with cartridges and atomizer. while the battery life is there, it works every draw and gives so much vapor and then when the taste get stale you know its time to change out for a new cartomizer. every one has been fresh and good, i use the tobacco mostly it has a nice essesnce of tobacco without tasting like just sugar. overall, really happy with my blu overall 5 out 5 stars review

  19. NayNay says

    One of my co workers gave me a sample of Blu and I instantly loved it. It was cool, didn’t stink, the menthol tastes very good sorta like vanilla more than menthol though. I bought a disposable as I was waiting for my ID to be verified to make my starter kit purchase … I called customer service as to why it has been soooo long that my ID was not verified she gave a lot of attitude and seemed like she did not want to answer any questions. The last thing I asked was, “did I send my picture ID to the right email? I sent it to _______” she said ” NO, support… Okay then” and literally was going to hang up before I had the time to think. I ended up ordering V2, YES, ‘just’ because of customer service.

  20. Kelsay says

    Okay the battery is very sensitive, but other than that I LOVE this cigarette. I used to smoke a really cheap one that was basically the same thing without all the cool looks and gadgets that Blu has. It was a little cheaper but wasn’t as tasty. I think it was just called “E-Cigarette.” I’ve also tried NJoy, which I hated because it was cheap as hell with crappy plastic cartridges. I’ve tried various other that friends of mine have had, everything from cheap ones to the big Silver Bullets (Which are AMAZING but a huge pain in the ass in my opinion) and Blu has beat them all, so far.

    I don’t know what was up with people getting leaky cartridges but they started making these cigarettes differently. With the old ones they had some sort of little foil thing that would get perforated when you attached the cartridge to the battery, but mine aren’t like that. I was apprehensive because I saw some bad reviews online so I decided to try one of their disposable units first and loved it. The thing I like is that they’re sold at pretty much any Sheetz gas station, so I can easily pick up some cartridges on the way to school. I got my starter kit there, went out to my car and started using it!

    It gives off really good vapor and I love the taste. I like that you get to try the different flavors in the starter kit because I was considering trying them anyhow but didn’t want to buy a whole package if I wasn’t going to like them.

    It’s really nice to have a cigarette-looking pack that also charges them on the run. I know a lot of other brands have this but some of them are pretty wonky. This one is discreet and keeps it feeling like real cigarettes. I love that I can store a whole cigarette, a battery and five other cartridges right inside.

    I think the social thing is kind of stupid, I don’t care if someone near me is smoking Blu and I’m probably not going to go look for them to strike up a conversation.

    Everyone is going to have good and bad experiences with these things but I definitely recommend trying it if you’re interested because they don’t have leaky cartridges anymore!

  21. Carl says

    First, the reviews you see on Blus web site are censored. A bad review, no matter how accurate, will never post.
    Second, I purchased a blu kit and the over sensitive unit went off continuously in my pocket!! When I opened the lid and grabbed my ready to go unit, it seriously burned my fingers. It got so hot that the pack had a burn in the lid!! The battery was ruined and the cartridge was destroyed.
    I have yet to hear back from the company. It seems they don’t care.
    This is a VERY DANGEROUS product that could hurt someone or even start a fire!
    DON’T PUT YOURSELF AT RISK WITH THIS JUNK!! There are too many quality brands out there to risk burning your house down.

  22. Dee says

    I have been a heavy smoker for 17 years, sense I’ve gotten my blu starter kit I haven’t had a analog sense then. despite what people say about the battery its fine because the pack keeps one on charge at all times and it helps produce a great vape hit. I haven’t had any malfunctions with the pack its self. I did have a bad battery but the company sent me a new one for free and it was delivered to me in three days so it wasn’t a big deal. I love my blu and will NOT trad it for any other brand

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