Bloog Electronic Cigarette Reviews

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Presentation/Packaging 2.5/5

The Bloog Maxx Fusion has a very modest look to it. It’s a basic black cardboard box with a flip top magnetic closure. The face of the package depicts a picture of a jovial group of friends hanging out and having a vape. Not the most creative of approaches but what’s inside is really what counts right? Kits come with a battery, charger, cartomizers and a nice little velvet battery pouch to keep it safe from scuffs and scratches. The battery has a nice feel and grip to it almost like it has a rubber coating. This particular one is white with a red lit tip. Cartomizers come in various flavors neatly sealed in foil packs of five that you just pop out like a piece of chewing gum. Once extracted there are two plastic caps to remove from each end. The minor annoyance I have with this is that there is a third plastic tip that you need to be careful not to remove with the outer cap. This piece serves as both a seal as well as easy access to the poly fill inside, which I’m assuming is for dripping. That part stays put so take heed that it doesn’t get stuck in the outer cap. The carts all come in black, which isn’t a problem with me but some might be annoyed because you can’t recognize the flavor right off the bat. If you don’t mind having to read the label for flavor it has a nice look with the black and white. Aside from the corny photo I find it to be simple, basic and sleek.

Battery/Responsiveness 3/5

The Bloog has a fairly easy pull and gives plenty of power from its KR808 battery. It holds up really well, I’d say about half a day after some heavy drags, pretty long for a battery of this size. It may take a few puffs to get it going but all in all it produces an adequate amount of vapor. I’d recommend making sure it is fully charged if going out on a night on the town.

Vapor/Flavor(s) 4/5

The Bloog has a very interesting mix of flavors. I find them to be very palatable and range from sweet to savory. I tried the Grape, RY4 and Mint. If sweets are what you crave they have delightful grape flavor which feels like you’re breathing in a Welches soda. Fruits can be tricky because not everyone enjoys artificial fruit flavorings. The grape is something you can take or leave but since I enjoy grape soda I found it to be very pleasing. If a cool refreshing sensation is what you crave then the mint flavor will bode very well. It’s more mild then menthol but it still gives the same results. My favorite by far is called the RY4. I found this one to be quite delicious. It has the aroma of salted caramel and delivered a happy mix of both sweet and savory. The throat hit isn’t as sharp as I’d like it to be, especially at 16mg. The flavor sensations are more on the forefront of this ecig. Definitely more for taste than for a nicotine kick.

Overall (Not An Average) 4/5

The Bloog is pretty straight forward with it’s basic black and white style. There isn’t very much glitz and glam to it but I like the way it’s presented. I also like the way the cartomizers are packaged as well as the handy pouch. The performance is fairly modest with great battery life. It may not have much bite (throat hit) to it but I feel the flavors certainly compensate. If you want your ecig to taste like tobacco flavors and have a serious throat burn, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you’re looking for delicious flavors in other categories like fruit, sweet and other flavors, with a smooth throat hit- definitely worth a try.

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  1. Lynne Kuras says

    Not to often it gives me a sore throat-but it is nothing i cannot live with

  2. DJ Alex Tech says

    Bottom line, I never had any desire to quit smoking. People had got me to try several e-cigs and I was not impressed at all. When i tried the Bloog, I was so surprised with the result I ran out and bought one first thing the next day!!!!

    Thank you Bloog!!!

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