Will We Be Our Own Downfall?

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As you all know, I’m no slouch in defending the right to vape. I love this community of folks, and I’d do anything to protect their right to continue doing what they love.

However, are there times when we’re in our own way? Have some elements of the community gone too far? I think that’s a fair question. After all, if you can’t self-evaluate with a clear conscious, then you should probably rethink your path.

What got me thinking on this subject was an article on the website VapeAboutIt, which you can read by click here.

The lines in particular that really struck a chord with me:

“Every cloud contest, every photo shoot of nearly naked women, every cloud trick video, every glorification of “blowing clouds” Will now serve as ammunition for politicians and regulators that want to showcase us as appealing to minors.”

“From a marketing perspective, its as if e-liquid makers and other related companies were using Big Tobacco`s playbook from the 70`s and 80`s. We might as well created our own versions of the Marlboro Man and Joe Camel. We purposely drew attention to ourselves..”

While I wouldn’t necessarily equate vaping as a community with the big bad wolves at big tobacco, I can certainly see the parallels that the author is questioning. Blowing massive clouds in a public space is an absolute no no, but beyond that, why not? I’m of the school that it doesn’t really matter what the vaping community does, as long as we have flavors, we’re pandering to children.

Regarding sex and advertising, they’ve absolutely have gone hand in hand forever, it just depends on if you care that it’s subtle or not. Calvin Klein ads are obviously about sex, it’s just implied sex appeal. Some vaping companies are usually about as subtle as a fireworks show (I’m looking at you mods sitting in cleavage.) Though I’m not saying that one can’t appreciate both approaches.

In summation, guys I’m pretty sure that we’re screwed when it comes to politicians and how we’re portrayed in the media (GO GO VAPING PR FIRM?) All that we can do is this: continue being respectable members of society, who follow common courtesy no matter what the activity. Oh, and stay freaking politically active. Vote you chumps!


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