Will Advanced Devices Ever Hit Big Retail Chains?

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kid-candy-storeThis topic carries on from a conversation my Wife and I had the other night: Will advanced devices ever hit big retail chains like the stick e-cigs have? – We gazed at the possibilities and imagined Walmart shelves lined with mods, clearomizers and coils. To picture it was like 2 kids skipping down an isle filled with every candy imaginable.

Retail chains across the world are beginning to fill shelves with electronic cigarettes. It’s now become a common thing to see brand ads like Blu Cigs, Mistic, Njoy, and many more covering the front entrances. It’s great to see the e-cigarette industry become so widely recognized, but the majority of the public only sees the face of the market, not what rests behind it.

blu-250x250bannerThe face of this market is filled with largely recognized companies that have had the funds to make their product seem the best. They advertise stick e-cigarettes, a beginner device, that points directly to smokers. As I’ve said in the past, those stick e-cigs have a place in this market and some people even prefer them over anything else offered. When a smoker becomes interested from this ‘face’ these big companies display, this type of device is the only thing offered, advertised and sold. On the flip-side, we all know there is so much more to dwell in, like clearomizers, mods, kicks… oh my! – But unfortunately, these large companies don’t carry any of these products.

What if one of these larger companies, like Blu for example, started selling advanced devices? – I like to be hopeful and imagine a lot, and so far my hope for these changes in the industry have not been lost. On the other hand, I’m doubtful that any of these larger companies will ever pick up on any of the more advanced products because of liability. They’ll want to continue with the small battery and a device that looks similar to a tobacco cigarette, mainly because they know the form factor works for most consumers.

So, do you think advanced devices will ever hit the big retail chains or do you even see them making way to these beginner focused companies? – Your thoughts are welcome in the comment section below.

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