Vitamin-Enhanced E-Cigs Are Hitting The Market — Silly or Serious?

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timthumb.phpSo it turns out that a company called VitaCig is producing a $5 disposable electronic cigarette what contains vitamins instead of nicotine. This comes from the same people that produced one of the many marijuana e-cigs on the market and who are looking to produce an alcohol-infused e-cig as well. It remains to be seen if this will be a legitimate business strategy.

But like so many other minority efforts in the e-cig market which may appear questionable, media outlets are already covering this one move by this one company as “all the rage” in the e-cig world. This seems pretty unlikely at the moment, but there are a few interesting directions these new products could go.

timthumb2.phpAs the Verge article states, inhalation is not a good method of obtaining vitamins. What the lungs don’t block outright, still needs to penetrate the body enough to get to the blood. According to some experts, about 80-85% of the contents of vapor tends to be breathed back out during e-cig use. On top of that, VitaCig’s products don’t appear to contain that much of the vitamins they claim to give you.

From the article: “If you’re an adult woman, one VitaCig contains 1/11th of your daily recommended dose of Vitamin B1, 1/150th of your daily Vitamin E, 1/750th of your daily Vitamin C, and just 1/5000th of your daily Vitamin A.”

Perhaps the company is going for qualification as a supplement for the product. This would dramatically reduce the control the FDA has over the products. And really, what about vitamin-enhanced nicotine-absent electronic cigarettes would make them possible to regulate as a tobacco product? Maybe VitaCig just found a loophole.

Either way, the idea seems like little more than a marketing ploy that threads dangerously close to health-related marketing. We’ll see if that changes.

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