Vaping Researcher and Nicotine Expert Does “Ask Me Anything” For Reddit’s Science Community

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maxresdefaultThere are few experts both willing to be candid about electronic cigarettes and vaping in an open forum.  Most offer extremely canned and measured statements doing their damnest to avoid saying anything definitive. Usually this means sayingWe don’t know enough to say anything, stick with what the FDA says is okay.  However, today we find a surprising source of good vaping information and opinions on the science Subreddit.

Reddit is a surprising source of balanced and measured information sometimes.  Like anywhere else on the internet, it can be a source of rampant antagonism, baffling weirdness, and unexpected results. But it can also be a wonderful source of information — particularly where its AMAs (Ask Me Anythings) are concerned. A person says “Hey, I’m such and such person. Ask me questions.”

Today, you can find an AMA from professor Michael Eriksen, the Dean of the School of Public Health at Georgia State University and a researcher of electronic cigarette use and vaping.

You can find the AMA right here.

e_cigarettes-safe-or-notWe’ll be following it and condensing the best stuff into a review of the conversation, but it appears thus far as if Eriksen is willing to speak straight on the subject even where he might insight significant argument and even the kind of bile you can expect in a tense debate such as this.

For example, Eriksen is a supporter of indoor clean air vaping bans. In short, he argues that no amount of foreign agents should be in air that a captive audience if forced to inhale. So arguing that vapor is 99% less harmful than smoke doesn’t really apply to the argument of whether clean air bans should apply to them. This argument is hard to put down, as long as we find that e-cig vapor does pose a detectable level of harm (some studies thus far suggest that it does not).

Anyway, these are the sort of events the world needs more of to become better informed of electronic cigarettes and vaping products.  It’s great to see a topic like this top the page on Reddit’s science section against all else going on. We hope to see more like it.

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