Vape Company Donates 50% of Net Profit To CASAA

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With the FDA’s Proposed Regulation just coming to light, many vapers and businesses are relying on the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) to guide them in the right direction of action and fight for the e-cigarette cause.

Though CASAA has continued to fight for this industry and its consumers for many years, it’s been done more-so in the background so that you are worry-free. In fact, they stand on the front-lines of this industry so that all we have to worry about is what juice we’ll be filling our tanks with next. We’ve all endured this hassle-free experience because of people like this.

piggy bank donationWhat’s fascinating is that events such as the FDA’s proposed regulations and bans in your state is the only time the community really takes notice to CASAA, but the truth is – they’re continuously working on these battles each day, whether you’re aware of it or not.

This is what sparked recent community news that vape company Paramount Vapor has announcing they will be donating 50% of their net profit to CASAA until Sunday – May 4th, at 9:00PM. The company said that due to a recent post submitted on r/electronic_cigarette about CASAA and donating, it was inspired with an idea to donate 50% of its net profit.

Vaping has been a hobby for me way before it ever became my business. My life is completely different because of it – physically and mentally. For the first time in my life I actually enjoy my job.

The vape company included that on Monday evening it will make a donation via PayPal and report back with the total amount raised.

And for that, Paramount Vapor will receive recognition: Visit for a selection of e-liquids and starter kits.

Interested in donating to CASAA? – You can learn more at: CASAA | Donate

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