Vape Blast Event Turns Into Actual Blast

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mod explosion aftermathThe Vape Blast 2014 event was scheduled to hold a Cloud Competition for attendees who wanted to show off their serious cloud making skills and compete. Unfortunately, the Vape Blast event turned into an actual blast, causing some attendees to become frantic and leave the event early.

The event named “Vape Blast” that was held in San Antonio at the San Antonio Event Center on August 15th, 16th and 17th, turned into quite the ruckus as a bystander who was watching the Cloud Competition, suddenly noticed that his mod began smoking and vented, which resulted in an explosion and loud blast.

I was in the second round of the cloud comp, and after walking off the stage I had walked over to talk to my stores owner. Before seeing him I heard a loud hiss, and I turned and saw someone frantically holding their mod as smoke came out. I turned my back and then heard the loudest sound I’ve heard. I was about five feet away and I literally felt a shock-wave to my body. – Iamjoshuaadam via Instagram

Once the mod created the loud blast, some event attendees filled the area turning it into a picture frenzy, while others frantically left the event early. The Cloud Competition was of course shut down due to the matter, but the event continued.

This thing went off like a bomb. It honestly sounded like a gun shot. – 3BallJosh via r/electronic_cigarette

The bystander in question was said to have had a modified switch on a Mutant Clone, which is a 26650 mechanical mod.

The switch was reported to have been found as far as 20 feet away with what looked like multiple vent holes drilled into it. Bystanders reported that the vent holes were apparently for looks and said to have served no reasonable purpose. in addition, the explosion created 3 holes in the ceiling, along with making a large dent in the concrete floor.

You can see a video of the aftermath here:

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I debated whether I should publish this latest news, and finally decided it was needed.

An r/electronic_cigarette user said “You’d think they would have enough sense to delete the video and pretend like it never happened. We are fighting for our right to vape, the government does need more shit to hold against us.”

In response: Of course this news isn’t great for our community and industry as a whole, but if we hide and cover up stories such as this, we’re no better than those who oppose us. Instead of covering this type of story up, I want to promote it and let it be an example to others of why many community members and bloggers stress the attention to safety with not only modified devices and accessories, but also e-cigarettes in general. This is a serious issue and someone could have been hurt, and we should treat this issue as a serious matter, along with using this story to promote e-cigarette safety more often, as well as practicing it more often.

Here’s a great response from an r/electronic_cigarette user that I enjoyed: @CAVaper

Yes because covering stuff up is always good. Gotta love the double standards, expecting the FDA to be open and transparent whilst hiding the fact that yes some people are idiots and a bad build on a mech can go wrong very quickly.

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