The Art of Rebuildable Atomizers

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cautionWhen I first entered what seems like the darker portion of the market, the part that sits in a grey area to the majority of vapers, where you imagine a line of yellow tape reading “Caution – Advanced Users Only!” – I make my way around all there is to offer, reading line after line of information. But, even for me, someone who has flourished from past written guides, how to’s and general e-cig information – this particular category has kicked me from my usual comfortable grain and has set a sort of intimidation. Though I hold myself in a high standard for my past accomplishments, could this be one task of this industry I for once couldn’t cover?

I soon left from the massive amounts of information the net has to offer and figured I’ve soaked up enough knowledge for some experimental moments. I believed I’ve learned the basics to rebuildables and my safety being a top priority, I decided to build my first micro coil. My first experience building wasn’t anything pretty to look at and the performance was mild to say at best. It was obvious I needed motivation, so I scrolled through images of well-built coils, so much so that they looked assembly line built to perfection.

KC-Masterpiece-Original-BBQ-SauceThe images set a focal point in my mind and a determination to build the most well-organized and designed coil this community has ever seen; a coil with small 1.4mm wraps, the wire pressed tightly together, evened leg ends for an even burn and a clouded soft pillow beneath it saturated with blissful juice. A coil of this nature could take hours to perfect; undergoing headaches, sore fingers and countless empty tanks. Exactly five minutes later, I sit back in my warn padding chair and gaze at the masterpiece I’ve just built. Unfortunately, my said masterpiece was one filled with uneven circular wire, some coils touching and others far apart. Though again, my newly made masterpiece wasn’t anything to show off, it brought a sense of accomplishment over me. I built this and there was no Chinese manufacturer to deliver such an experience I’m about to endure.

This atomizer, my friend… is built, not bought.

I place the atomizer on an ohm meter and numbers showing I’ve entered a sub-ohm area. Good, this is where I want to be, where the advanced rebuilders go. I quickly unscrew and ready myself for the best vape I’ve experienced yet, or so I’d hoped. Firing the side button of my KTS, I take a large pull. This pull felt like it was filled with a large amount of vapor and an even larger throat hit was to follow. To my amazement, I exhaled about the same amount of vapor you would from your gas station stick battery and two large coughs I couldn’t hold back.

Okay, maybe this is a little more difficult than I thought.

I have only just begun to sink my teeth into this hellacious ( <- new word) portion of the market and I can already sense there is more to it than what meets the eye. After fiddling with coil after coil, I’ve learned that rebuildables require patience.

Great, my biggest struggle.

But looking even deeper, beyond the machined drip tip and past the big bodied stainless steel housing, there is an art of rebuildables that some don’t see.

Much like any historical painting, it requires tedious, precise and careful hands; a particular moment where everything comes together, nothing repetitious and each movement becomes unique. There are requirements, but if you’ve practiced enough, gained diligence and patience, your next rebuildable won’t be another fly-by coil, it’ll be a masterpiece… an art of rebuildables.

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