Study: Cigarettes Kill 2/3rds Of Smokers — Vaping Looks Even Better

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Smoking-Cannibus-Shotbox1We used to believe that smoking killed half its users.  But that was yesterday, when we lived in ignorant bliss, mindful of smoking’s harms but still unclear on its full ramifications. Now we live in a world of death and gloom where it appears that smoking ultimately kills as much as 66% (2 out of every three) of smokers. We can look back now and mock our ignorant past selves all while missing that blissful dream.

That may be an over-dramatization, but that’s basically what continues to happen in the world of smoking research.  We thought smoking killed half of smokers, and we thought Wow! That’s a lot!  But we now know that it’s much worse than that according to a study of some 200,000 Australian men and women — including both smokers and non-smokers. As death by other agents continue to reduce, it seems likely those that choose to smoke are choosing the way in which they will die.

The study comes from the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health at the Australian National University.  It covered a number of areas — finding, for example, that smokers are more obese and more likely to drink heavily or regularly — but certainly the big note is the new death rate.  In short, various harms of smoking seem to eventually kill two out of ever three smokers.

You can read coverage of the study right here.

This can only be good for electronic cigarettes and vapor products as further studies show their harm to be far lower than that of tobacco cigarettes. Many experts and studies suggest that e-cigs are 99% less harmful than smoking simply by removing smoke from the equation. What many people don’t get is that nicotine, additives, impurities and whatnot in tobacco cigarettes aren’t the source of the lion’s share of the harm they cause. As such, some experts have said that even shoddy and impurity-filled electronic cigarettes are more than 95% less harmful than cigarettes.

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