ECA ShoutOut- The Truth About Vaping Channel

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This may be relatively old news to some of you, but since I’m chronically behind the times I just had to try and promote what I view to be an absolutely amazing cause:

The Truth About Vaping Youtube Channel – and the larger movement, NotBlowingSmoke.

You may have seen or heard about California Department of Public Health’s “Still Blowing Smoke” anti-vaping campaign. Vapers of all stripes (and anyone with a modicum of intelligence) has largely condemned this campaign, for one because it focused on the tired argument of vaping companies “targeting children.”

Yet, there are even more subtle (and not so subtle reasons) that states oppose vaping. What will surely surprise everyone is, it’s about money. See, when Big Tobacco was in serious trouble for you know, killing all those folks, they offered the states a deal called the Master Settlement Agreement. In exchange for dropping lawsuits against their industry, they would pay the states a yearly sum directly tied to the amount of tobacco products that they sold.

State governments were incredibly short-sighted, and craved a lump sum instead of yearly payments. So they sold bonds to wall street based off what the tobacco industry would owe them over time.

Of course, this was a deal with the devil, and as sales of tobacco products have declined in recent years many states are scrambling to recover that revenue. Populous states like California are especially hurting, while several others have dipped into reserves to recover the tobacco money shortfall.

This is why a channel like The Truth About Vaping is so important: to reveal what lies under the surface of this debate. Best of all, it appears they will be episodic in nature as they recently posted a new video.

I hope you’ll subscribe to the channel, and keep up with the movement.

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