EcigAdvanced Top Contributors Program

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Monthly Gift Cards provided to the Top 5 Contributors
On The Site! Standings Reset Each Month

With the demise of Vape for Free, our Top Contributors program is designed to rewards those that put an extra effort into making our site grand. You still earn points in all the same ways, but the point values have been adjusted slightly.

Whether you’re an established veteran or a new vaper, you’re always going to be searching for the latest vaping products, news, and opinion. However, your time and contributions are frequently not rewarded. We want to change that!

Your time is important. We would be nothing without our community, and you deserve to be rewarded for your contributions. Now I know what you’re thinking, is it difficult? Not at all! Many activities you do on the site earn you points automatically (commenting on blog posts, liking a page on Facebook, etc).

Not to mention that the biggest contributions (making the front page of the blog, going out of the way to help someone, etc) earn you bonus points from forum admins! Points will earn you gift card codes (of your choice if possible) to your favorite vendors! Best of all it’s totally FREE!

Want free gift cards to your favorite vape sites? Of course you do. Here’s how:

Getting Started:

If you don’t yet have a forum login, go here to create one.
Simply login to the Forums with your username and password.
All members recieve 25 points for joining.

How Do I Get Points?

Ecig Advanced editors and moderators will give out no less than 10 points to individuals that provide insightful or helpful contributions to the community.

Instances of helpful information, encouragement and originality will be considered foremost. This will be handled on a case by case basis, but is focused on rewarding people that help Ecig Advanced continue to grow and thrive. This is not a guarantee however, because moderators will not see every post.

You can also automatically earn points by simply participating and sharing our community, helping it to grow and reach out to more potential or current vapers:

The following point totals are subject to change.

  • A.) Joining the Forums: 10 Points
  • B.) Having Your Forums Post “Liked” by users: 5 Points (Limit 15 points per day)
  • C.) Reaching a new rank: 25 points
  • D.) Liking an ECig Advanced Blog, Review or Coupon post on Facebook: 2 Points (Limit 6 points per day)
    You must be logged into the Forums and this must be done from the Facebook Like button on the individual post.
  • E.) Tweeting an ECig Advanced Blog, Review or Coupon: 2 Points (Limit 6 points per day)
    You must be logged into the Forums and this must be done from the Tweet button on the individual post.
  • F.) Commenting on a blog post: 3 Points (Limit 9 points per day)
    You must be logged into the Forums and make the blog comment using the email address associated with your Forums account.
  • G.) Creating a community blog post: 15 Points, with the best content earning a point bonus and possibly being promoted on the front page of the site (Learn more here.)
    You must be logged in to the forum to use the community blog. There is no daily limit on community blogs, but they must follow the guidelines listed to earn points.
  • Let’s Review: An average forum user could earn 51 points a day(reaching the daily maximum of B, D, E, F and G), with opportunities for bonuses available (moderator likes, extra community blogs, posting great content on the forum, reaching a new rank, etc.)
Please note: Any attempt to “game” the system by any means including but not limited to creating duplicate accounts to Like other accounts post, creating duplicate accounts to share points or using any method outside of the ways described to unfairly gain points will be met with penalties including suspension and/or banning from the Top Contributors program. These things are very easy for us to detect, so please don’t do them. If you’re not sure, just ask!

How Do I See The Current Standings?

Simply look at the forum homepage, located here. You can also see your current point total by looking at the toolbar on the footer of your browser. Point totals are reset at the start of each month.

How Do I Get My Gift Card?

This is the easy part. Yay!
Gift Cards will be distributed at the start of the new month. We’ve typically used MadVapes, but any vendor that offers gift cards should be available upon request.
Legal Junk: You must be of legal smoking age (minimum 18) to participate in the Ecig Advanced forums and Top Contributor program. You affirm that you are of legal smoking age by participating in the program. Anyone suspected of being underage will have their account terminated. Program is subject to change at any time. The terms and conditions of use of our Top Contributor Program and Forums are subject to change. We reserve the right to deny anyone service, access, or gift cards as we see fit. We endeavor to keep our members as happy as we can given our capability and resources at any given moment.
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