Power To The People

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power to the peopleThough a lot of the public still view electronic cigarettes as a way of smoking, fortunately it’s far from it. There are many ways this industry differs from the tobacco industry, and one prominent way is by controlling the power.

Many believe that while being a smoker, they’ve had no power, or control if you would, within the industry or market itself. There have been many protests, anti-tobacco campaigns, among many more unmentioned – and though voices were heard, they were never listened to. The tobacco industry continued to market the fatal products anyways, never reducing the amount of nicotine, never reducing the amount of harmful chemicals, and overall never doing anything that consumers demanded.

It was a winning situation for big tobacco; they didn’t listen to their customers, didn’t care for their safety, yet the customers continued to use their products due to the addiction of not only nicotine, but the other 4,000¬†chemicals they fail to mention. If you know they’re watching you slowly kill yourself, and it’s too difficult to give up the product, you’re completely powerless. Big tobacco controls the power, and sadly many have died from it.

The electronic cigarette industry on the other hand, wasn’t bred by Big Tobacco companies. The people hold the power, control the market, and as it stands at this current time – write the rules as well. These are the reasons why the industry has flourished so quickly.

The people have the power; manufacturers listen to feedback, race to produce a more friendly and new age product, all to meet consumer demand. Manufacturers in the electronic cigarette industry know the people control the market, and they know if their product isn’t up to consumer standards, the next manufacturer will be there to rake in the big bucks. While this niche steadily climbs, these product giants know there is room for little mistakes to be made. This leads to a continuous stream of fresh, inventive and outstanding products, all because the people have power.

njoy adHowever, if looked deeper and as time progresses, we wonder if we’ve¬†controlled the tobacco industry all along. Big Tobacco’s profits are steadily falling, but why? – Because the people are switching to electronic cigarettes. Who controls the industry again?

What better time for an Njoy ad? – Power to the people!

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