Obama Caught Blowing Huge Clouds of Vapor!

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ObamaEcigDid we really catch Obama blowing huge clouds of vapor?  No.

Though that would be an awesome picture to share with you all, it didn’t happen (I did find a picture of him holding an ecig though haha).

However, the headline I created here did turn some heads and lead you to look further into this post. A headline such as this will interest you, and even though I, the writer, know that this headline isn’t true, I titled it in such a way where I knew it would interest viewers and gain traffic.

I apologize for creating a misleading post, but I did this as an example to show you the same tactics that large PR companies use when they’re hired by Big Pharmaceutical companies and Anti-Ecigarette advocates.

By doing this, it would gain one of two results:

A: The viewer reads the headline, but doesn’t click the headline to read the article. They then share the headline with others and gossip about something they’ve never even read and base the whole spreading of this news on just that, an untruthful news title.

B: The viewer reads the headline, gets interested, clicks the headline to read the article, and since everything looks professional and it comes from a professional source, they believe it and again, they spread the untruthful news.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t just happen once, it happens with each viewer. You can easily see how false news can make a dent in this industry.

The conclusion for today – don’t believe everything you read, and before you share something you’ve read, take the time to research it a bit and make sure it’s accurate information.


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