Nova Scotia’s E-Cig Regulations Plan No Longer Bans Flavors

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ns_can_flagNova Scotia’s Health Minister Leo Glavine introduced regulations recently which will hammer electronic cigarettes in almost all ways that tobacco too is controlled. This includes prohibiting sales to anyone under the age of 19, disallowing stores from displaying, advertising, or promoting the products, and banning the sale of all flavors other than tobacco and menthol.

However, recent amendments to the proposed regulation now grant electronic cigarettes a pass on the flavors ban. This means that sellers there won’t be restricted to only offering tobacco and menthol flavored e-cigs and e-liquid. It appears, though, that there will still be controls set on how sellers can market and advertise whatever flavors they sell.

e-eigarette-250x166Many electronic cigarette opponents are calling the change a big win for Big Tobacco. They argue that flavors — particularly sweet ones like candies and fruits — target and appeal primarily to teens. As teens are the demographic on which future tobacco profits are founded, it certainly sounds like a reasonable grievance to those that don’t know anything else about the industry.

But in reality, this is anything but a win for Big Tobacco. The availability of a wide range of flavors has already been shown to better allow electronic cigarettes to snag smokers away from tobacco. Flavor variety also appears to be a crucial component in helping smokers quit smoking entirely through the use of e-cigs. Simply put, it makes transitioning to e-cigs more likely.

You can read more about the changes right here.

When the regulations were first brought forward, John Haste of Canada’s Electronic Cigarette Trade Association called the proposal a “knee-jerk” reaction based on incomplete science. Perhaps those behind it are starting to realize that there is possibility among these mostly alien (to them) products.


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