Missouri Moves Forward With Bill Requiring Child Proofing Of E-Cig Refills

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child-proof-medA bill in Missouri’s House has received initial approval and has one more House vote left on it before moving on to the state’s Senate. The bill would require child proofing of all electronic cigarette and vaping device products related to refilling and nicotine liquids.

The stated goal of the bill is to protect children from exposure to e-liquids — which in high enough amounts can be fatal.  So far, there has been one fatal incident in the entire US involving an infant in New York that drank an unspecified amount of e-liquid. There has also being an increase in poisoning incidents around the US with regard to nicotine since electronic cigarettes entered the market — though, in general, nicotine is not nearly as dangerous as certain people would like us to believe. It appears that e-liquid is no more toxic than dish soap.

While this is a reasonable change in policy, one wonders how said bill will be implemented.

Child Proof Pill BottleIt sounds like even the e-cigs and vaping devices themselves will need to be child proof. While child proofing containers of e-liquid is easy — an in fact, many companies already do it — child proofing the devices themselves will likely require more significant changes and product development to pull off.  This isn’t necessary for contained devices not meant to be refilled.

The bill is being justified because e-liquids do come in a variety of flavors and packages that could be appealing to kids. Frankly, we think that that is a a reasonable argument in this case. This is the kind of compromise legislation that makes sense — if it’s implemented intelligently. Often this same argument is made to justify complete bans of flavors, as if adults would never want these same flavors.  Well guess what?  I’m an adult and I still like cookies, ice cream, fruit, candy, and more.

Minor details on the bill can be found here.

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