Media: This Is Where We Fool Them

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Many of us bloggers use different sources and techniques to quickly obtain the latest electronic cigarette news and information to share it with you, but what I find upsetting and relatively hard to ignore is that there are more news articles against e-cigarettes, than for them. What becomes even more upsetting is that once an original article is released and against our ‘miracle’ devices, there are slews of re-worked articles based off the original that follow.

Between Klaus and I, we’ve shared stories on many topics and have had the opportunity to speak freely about what the media is doing exactly. If you’ve somehow missed our on-goings,  we uncover and expose the articles of paid garbage, twisted words and misleading reports that top headlines. However, what I find really interesting about it all, is that even though these bogus articles are spread through the airwaves of the Internet continuously, no one is affected by the mumbo jumbo garbage. Why? – I’ll explain that exactly.

mark twain quoteLittle do these anti’s understand, is that vaping isn’t a “quitting” tool. Although most of these anti’s think they know how to use lines of text and high paid PR firms to hit the heart of this industry, they lack the knowledge and understanding of what an electronic cigarette is used for. Just to ensure we’re on the same page – electronic cigarettes are used as an alternative to smoking; it’s a replacement, instead of smoking, you are vaping.

This is where we fool them…

Avrum Spira, a genomics and lung cancer researcher at Boston University, says that although e-cigarettes may be a relatively safer option, preliminary studies show that they are definitely not benign. Considering the endless amounts of harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke, their assumed absence in an electronic cigarette may cause one to rationalize that the alternative is a better option. However, as the gene mutations have revealed, either choice could lead to increased health risks. – E-Cigarettes: The Risks and Rewards

See, we already understand that their are risks with electronic cigarettes, and we’re used to even greater risks since we were using tobacco cigarettes for years upon years. What we care about is that we are reducing the harm by using this alternative, because as many know, if e-cigarettes didn’t exist the majority of us would have continued smoking the chemical sticks.

Though the larger portion of studies already conducted do favor electronic cigarettes for being far greater in harm reduction versus tobacco cigarettes, the truth is, there are many things we in fact do not know about electronic cigarettes. Matter of fact, this is one of the reasons why the FDA hasn’t already come to a decision on the regulation of electronic cigarettes – because no one knows the long-term heath effects they may have.

Hypothetically speaking, say e-cigarettes were pronounced as very harmful, but still less harmful than a tobacco cigarette. Would you continue using them?

The point of the fact is, if e-cigarettes one day were announced to be bad and they were completely banned, what would you be left with? – A pack of tobacco cigarettes. I can’t say what you would do, but for me personally, if the risk of using tobacco cigarettes are greater than the use of electronic cigarettes, I’ll continue to vape happily.

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