Longtime Entrepreneur Launches Subscription Box For Vapers

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Aref Jomah (AJ) announces the launch of 5dollarvapebox.com amidst FDA crackdown on vaping.

Business development strategist and multi-faceted entrepreneur Aref Jomah aka AJ today announced the launch of his new subscription box e-commerce site 5dollarvapebox.com. Designed to facilitate acquiring vaping materials and help wean smokers off of cigarettes, get.5dollarvapebox.com is to vapers what dollar shave club is to shavers. Selling an assortment American-made e-juice subscription box plans available at affordable prices.

“As someone who is using vaping to move past smoking cigarettes, I can’t stress how important this modern-day development is for smokers across the country,” said Aref Jomah. “I created 5dollarvapebox.com to provide completely American-made vaping essentials, accessories, and tools in a hassle-free, convenient and way for cigarette quitters in all communities.”

Unfortunately, a negative stigma has attached itself to vaping in recent months. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stated it plans to pass rules that would require federal approval for most flavored liquid nicotine juices and e-cig devices sold in vape shops. The tedious approval process would require such an extensive data collection for each item that it could cost businesses $2 million to $10 million (The Wall Street Journal reported).

“The FDA, with pressures from the cigarette industry, is trying to destroy a profiting market helping people of all ages battle an addiction,” said Aref Jomah. “Some critics are claiming the health repercussions from vaping are not yet known. How can someone seriously think smoking water vapor is worse for lungs than tobacco, proven to cause lung cancer? The massive and all-powerful cigarette giants are breathing down the necks of the FDA – and, unfortunately, it seems to be working.”

No stranger to overcoming insurmountable obstacles, Aref Jomah has been fighting his way through the business industry since his last semester at college. When he was just 22 years old, Aref Jomah acquired a retail shipping business with the $2,000 he saved at school. After just two years, Aref Jomah sold the business at six-figures, but not without the support from his loving wife and brother who stood by him as he made mistakes and learned.

After reflecting on his business success, Aref Jomah knew it was time to think bigger. Aref Jomah credits Jim MacIngvale’s book Always Think Big for inspiring his new business venture. Interested in restaurant management, Aref Jomah decided to manage a CiCi’s Pizza franchise, his favorite childhood restaurant. But, Aref Jomah’s mentality of “thinking big” persuaded him to move right past restaurant management and straight to franchising the brand himself.

At just a mere 26 years old, Aref Jomah became the youngest franchisee in the system. He claimed the next five years would be the most challenging and rewarding of his life. Aref Jomah found himself acquiring one of the largest franchises in the CiCi’s system with zero restaurant experience or management knowledge, during the 2009 financial crisis no less.

Lacking the net worth, liquidity, and franchisee experience, Aref Jomah was rejected by lenders seven different times. And, getting corporate approval seemed to be near impossible as Aref Jomah hardly qualified as an ideal candidate.

“I felt like this dream of mine was never going to become reality,” said Jomah. “Then, in case life wasn’t challenging enough, they found a massive benign tumor in my chest next to my heart. The recovery time after the surgery set me back even farther than the franchisee obstacles.”

As fate would have it, luck finally struck for Aref Jomah. He acquired one of the most profitable CiCi’s pizza franchises and found himself managing a massive million-dollar operation. After a few tumultuous years surviving the financial crisis and learning from mistake after mistake, Aref Jomah sold the restaurant in 2013 to an investment group for a significant multiple on net profits.

Shortly thereafter, he acquired a commercial retail strip center he was a tenant at six years prior during his retail shipping days.

“The success from all my failures and the perseverance I developed in these crazy business ventures are what shaped me to be the entrepreneur I am today,” said Aref Jomah. “I find myself in another controversial market with the promotion of my vaping website. I refuse to let this developing mainstream business disappear under impossible government-mandated regulations.”

Many agree with Aref Jomah and want to protect the vaping and e-cigarette industry. Recently, Change.gov received 100,000 signatures in support of keeping regulations away from vaping.

“There are 9 million people around the world benefitting from vaping right now,” said Aref Jomah. “That’s 9 million people who might otherwise be dead from lung cancer or other cigarette health complications. That’s 9 million families who still have their loved ones. Join me in fighting this injustice. Sign the Change.gov petition and visit my website to stock up on the vaping materials you need, as frequently as you may need them, to move past your cigarette addiction. I’m using vaping to overcome my addiction – you can too.” Visit us now at get.5dollarvapebox.com / 5dollarvapebox.com

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