Indiana Getting Very Close to E-Liquid Regs — Sales to Minors Ban, Safety Standards, and Child-Proof Containers

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460x300_welcome_to_indianaIndiana’s Senate is reviewing a bill that has already passed its House and would place substantial regulation on electronic and vaporizing liquids. The rules are unlike anything seen elsewhere in the country thus far (to my knowledge at least), and are drafted from some sense of understand for these products.  In particular, the bill doesn’t attempt to treat e-liquid as a tobacco product as many states and cities have sought to do.

The bill itself would hit on three main things.  First, it would ban the sale of e-liquids to minors. Second, it would implement safety standards for e-liquid products — meaning e-liquid mixed in a bathroom sink and eyeballed for consistency would no longer be acceptable (yes, this happens). Finally, containers with e-liquid in them would have to be sealed with child-proof caps.

I don’t think I can argue against any of these bullets.  Some local vendors have claimed that the laws would force businesses to close, but that’s the case for most laws that expect companies to up their game.

That said, it is likely that there is more to this bill than I have the expertise to suss out. Groups like SFATA and CASAA are better for that stuff.  As is, though, it is promising to see a state level bill that treats these products as their own thing rather than attempting to shoehorn them into regulation as tobacco products or medical devices.

You can see more on the bill right here.

Indiana is now one of (at last count I saw) 41 state pushing for electronic cigarette and vapor products regulation. Most seem focused on taxing these products to make up for lost cigarette taxes. Others are working to has e-cigs and tobacco products treated the same.  Neither of these seems warranted or prudent.

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