Electronic Cigarettes: What’s Next?

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Whats-nextElectronic Cigarettes; They’ve traveled a long road to get where they are today. They’ve endured a challenging fight to become a public accepted alternative to tobacco cigarettes, has gone through countless revisions to not only become versatile but a viable option as well, and it’s faced scrutiny throughout its existence just to prove that it can save lives. Unfortunately, the electronic cigarette, among many consumers and activists continue to work around the clock to prove its benefits, even though they’re just as clear as day.

Though it would be easy to say these consumers and activists are fighting a losing battle because of the constant fabricated headlines and salty pharmaceutical companies, it’s just not feasible and wouldn’t occur due to the quite large culture that these devices have created. To give up will be to surrender to these countless headlines that portray a life saving device as something worse than traditional cigarettes, despite the good they’ve already done. Moving forward would be our only option, just as it has been in prior years. However, just like the year’s leading up to this day, the industry as a whole continues to face troubling obstacles, which obviously isn’t anything newly discovered. Indeed, there are obstacles that consumers and activists encounter on a daily basis with local bans and restrictions, but our latest and more larger obstacle is the Food and Drug Administrations Proposed Federal Regulation over electronic cigarettes. We submitted our thoughts and opinions on those regulations in the form of the FDA’s official comment process, and now we play the waiting game to hear our industry’s fate.

shysterWhat happens next?

If the proposed regulations created by the FDA do in fact become set in stone, it could potentially cripple the industry; slaughtering local vapor shops and ceasing a once flourishing e-cigarette market, while at the same time handing everything Hon Lik once dreamed of, over to big tobacco companies. ¬†Again, the big “if” – if this scenario does in fact play out, it could create a black market within the industry, or a vaping underground if you would; something many vapers have already prepared for as a precaution.

Although I don’t believe we’ll face a vaping apocalypse in the near future, it is wise to speculate leading up to official rulings over the industry. Many of us e-cigarette users aren’t as willing to give up something that has impacted our lives so abruptly, as we once did with our former friend-turned-enemy, tobacco cigarettes.

These words are most likely resting in everyone’s minds that aren’t so reliant on other consumers and activists to do the work. Speculating and pondering the outcome of what will happen next is okay; it pushes people to become more active and aware of something that they take for granted.

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