Electronic Cigarettes As Preventive Care

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anticig1As more and more studies show that transitioning to electronic cigarettes from smoking has a dramatically positive effect on the health of the individual, it seems worth considering the use of e-cigs as a method of preventive care against smoking-related disease.

Preventive care focuses on stopping diseases and afflictions before they even start.  Every day a smoker continues to smoke, they are taking one step closer to heart disease, cancer, and other otherwise preventable ailments.  As electronic cigarettes prove to be successful at helping individuals quit smoking, they could rapidly become the most promising form of preventive care on the market.

Smoking is expensive.  In addition to the $8 to $10 a pack for most cigarettes in most states, the average smoker is said to cost their employer $6,000 more a year than a non-smoker.  This includes productivity loss due to smoke breaks, added sick days, and more.  Despite the added benefit to companies of not having to pay pensions to employees that die earlier in life, smokers still cost way more than non-smokers.

Even ignoring the financial side, smokers are way more likely to develop a number of long-term, detrimental ailments — many of which lead to death.

This is why the smoking cessation industry is so big.  People, for the most part, don’t want to die.  So they’re spend thousands trying to break the habit as they get older and begin realizing how the habit is affecting them.

The problem is that it isn’t working.  Most cessation methods only work about 9% – 12% of the time when looking out to a year.  But longer-term studies are finding that remission — that is, smokers who quit, but return to smoking later — further out is nearly 98% or 99%.

Electronic cigarettes are rapidly proving to do better than this — since they offer a full experience replacement rather than a quitting aid.  And without the long-term effects of smoking or pharmaceutical intervention, experts have said people can use them the rest of their lives without significant harm.  Experts believe the harm of using electronic cigarettes for a lifetime may well be less damaging than 2 months of smoking.

Insurance companies, employers, and even the government, in looking to save on healthcare costs (and also lives), might want to seriously consider putting electronic cigarettes into the hands of the people they cover.

Paying for e-cigs now may be much cheaper than paying for scans, treatments, drugs, hospital stays, and more later.

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