E-Liquid Contamination – Should We Be Concerned?

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contaminationFor year’s there have been many vapers to DIY (do-it-yourself) E-Liquid, and a lot of those vapers turn to making this e-liquid for a living by selling it both online and off. The measures that they’ve used to mix their e-liquid may have been fine for their personal use, but the way it’s mixed and the environment it’s mixed in may not be exactly safe to distribute all across the world. Though it’s difficult to see, there are many dust and other particles flying around that could potentially contaminate e-liquid if not mixed in a proper setting. So, should we be concerned?

Mom and Pop shops are literally being thrown together in days time, and I actually had a person contact me at one point telling me that they’ve been vaping for a few months and are now looking for advice since they plan to open their own shop within weeks. People all across the world are distributing e-liquid without proper education of the product, without the needed experience in the field, and for many, the lack of funding creates quite a problem as well.

What gets me is that most of these shops do not mix their e-liquid in clean rooms, so there is no sanitary work-space involved at all. What is even more astonishing is the way some of these stores mix their e-liquid, which most aren’t as accurate as you might believe. And to top it all off, there are many that have just learned how to mix e-liquid, and yet they distribute it, and even charge for it. pshh…

Unfortunately, we all continue to purchase e-liquid from these stores because, well… when we want a certain flavor, we want a certain flavor, and we’re blinded by its flaws since it’s just that damn good. But, just to let you in on a little secret, just because an e-liquid has a fantastic flavor, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s safe for use.

This very subject is the only reason why I would want any regulations in the electronic cigarette industry.

Should We Be Concerned?

capabilities-clean-rooms1It is our right to be concerned, and it’s the stores job to be open with consumers on where they mix their e-liquid, what percentages the PG/VG was mixed at, on top of many more. However, what you don’t see is 99% of these stores showing off the environment of which they mix the e-liquid that we use.

To answer the question: Hell yes we should be concerned!

This is the very reason why the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA) was made, to self-regulate the consumables portion of the industry, something that it has needed for quite some time. The AEMSA organization put together a list of fair standards for companies to follow and even the ability to join the organization as a member, which will certify a store’s consumables manufacturing process. There are a lot of stores that aren’t aware of AEMSA, and I believe if we spread more awareness of the concern for the e-liquids we consume, there will be more stores who will follow and join AEMSA, which will create a much safer product for consumers to use.

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