Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

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Don’t judge a book by its cover… or even an e-cigarette by its weight.

The Reddit user Madelion_ recently shared a shocking picture that showed deceit, and sparked astonishment and hatred. The picture was a knock-off eGo electronic cigarette that had two nails attached to the battery and inside the housing.

A customer came into our shop today, with a battery that wasn’t holding charge and rattled, purchased from an off licence. Imagine our surprise when we look inside and find a minute battery with nails attached for weight. – Madelion_

ego battery with nails
Shared via Madelion_ of r/electronic_cigarette

What’s surprising about this story is that whom ever sold the battery to the customer actually took the time to go inside the device and attach nails to the battery. What’s even more surprising is that instead of spending fifty cent to a dollar more, the company decided to use that extra money on the nails to make the knock-off eGo devices seem heavier.

My goodness, we have some brilliant minds out there wouldn’t you say?

Those that aren’t as familiar with e-cigarettes will base their purchase off of recommendations and appearance, while more experienced vapers will base their purchase on performance, weight, durability, among other features. Even if you are a some-what experienced vaper, you can be tricked in this situation. Both eGo’s in the picture perform very similar, they both run on the 3.7V and 4.2V when fully charged, both made from the same material, and they both weigh around the same. The only way for you to tell the difference is the length of time the battery will last before it needs to be recharged, and unfortunately, upon purchase, you won’t be able to figure that out until you put a good days use to it.

There is only one way to prevent an issue like this from happening, which is to purchase from only well-established companies. Even that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t come across an issue like this, but it is surely less likely to happen to you.

That said, the next time you go to purchase an electronic cigarette, give it a few wiggles and shakes. If you hear a rattle, as odd and humorous as it sounds, it might just be two nails.

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