Denmark Is Pushing to Ban Sale of E-Cigs To Teens — Attempting to Slip Public Vaping and Advertising Bans By At the Same Time

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denmark-flag-bigA proposed bill that looks likely to pass through the Danish government will ban anyone under the age of 18 from purchasing an electronic cigarette or vapor product as of November of this year. The proposal has overwhelming support with some 79% of Danes in favor of an age restrictive ban — but that’s not all the bill hopes to do.

So there is one small problem though… the proposal also includes a ban on vaping in all places that smoking too is prohibited and near total advertising bans.

Electronic cigarettes and vapor products hardly appear to be a huge problem in the country as only some 150,000 individuals use them out of its population of 5.6 million (that’s about 2.7% of the total population). But age restriction bans on e-cigs tend to be something almost everyone is in favor of — including vapers.  When passed by themselves, they generally bode well for regulation of the industry moving forward as general sentiment among the public tends to be that if kids aren’t allowed to buy them, then more regulation is hardly necessary.

There is common opposition to rules like this when that’s all there is.  Anti-smoking advocates are so crazy that they’ll actually fight these bans because they don’t do enough.  So Denmark has a bill that is being branded and sold as protecting youth, but which include restrictions for adults.

You can read more on the ban right here. Even the article buries the additional rules after focus entirely on the age restriction. The poll finding 79% in favor of the bill only focused on the age restrictive part of it and nothing else.

Like any national policy, Denmark’s e-cig bill has a long way to go.  Hopefully vapers there and experts around the world can contribute to that conversation in a meaningful way.


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