Kid Vaping – This Could Be A Problem

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Why do you have to do this to me internet? We’re already inundated with terrible stories about overreaching vape legislation (I’m looking at you INDIANA) and promises of doom and gloom soon to befall us all.

But this….this is a special case of shenanigans that is just soul crushing: a very young boy doing vape tricks. See the dastardly deed for yourself:

I’ll give you a second to pick your jaws off the floor. Much to my terror, his Vine account is full of similar videos. I hear the chorus of our readers from miles away: Greeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaattttttt.

This young fellow might not know it, but his insistence on breaking the law is precisely the sort of thing that will doom the alternative lifestyle that we’ve all come to love.

Don’t worry though gang, there’s a silver lining!

There you have it! He doesn’t even “vape anymore guys” so you can stop “giving him shit.” Well, by the looks of things, his parents need to give him some major shit. Parents that vape, don’t be those parents, for the love of God, DON’T BE THOSE PARENTS.

This is to you, young fella. How about you do us all a favor, take your vaping Vines down, stop breaking the law, and stay in school.

Until next time friends.

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