CASAA Listens So We Don’t Have To!

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Yesterday, the CASAA leadership listened in on a webcast about state and local regulation of e-cigarettes, hosted by the Tobacco Control Network. They conveniently dropped all the CASAA members from the call except the one that did not register as being associated with the group. (Coincidence?) This was a CDC sponsored public call, so how much trouble could they get in?

Carl V Phillips had a few things to say about what was heard at this ANTZ meeting…

Since the anti-e-cigarette people are basically just the anti-smoking people with no additional education, they of course used the same old ANTZ playbook:  They talked about the importance years-old ads that ran briefly in such consumer-manipulation powerhouses as Convenience Store News.  They talked trash about specific companies, quite a few of which no longer exist.  Our favorite was their breathless concern about one e-cigarette merchant using women mimicking the old “cigarette girls” to sell e-cigarettes in a casino, which they seemed to think would appeal to young people.  Yes, it appeals to all of those young people who remember cigarette girls from c.1970 and who were in the casino.

CASAA was brought up during this call and were described as “theoretically a consumer advocacy organization”. What does that even mean, “Theoretically“??

Here is another interesting thought that Dr. Phillips shared with us about the “logic” that dominates the ANTZ approach:

Start with the assumption that e-cigarettes and THR are bad for the world and the public does not really like them.  Based on that, it is apparent that any company, advocacy group, or individual who acts out in support of the products or cause must be bad.  Having established that these people are bad, we will now tell you about their support THR and e-cigarettes.  With all those bad people supporting e-cigarettes and encouraging their use, it is obvious that they are bad for the world and that people only use them because they are being manipulated by bad people.  This proves our original point that e-cigarettes and THR are bad.

Please, please, please read the rest of the story!

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