Authentic Patriot – Chi-Triot (Patriot Clone) Comparison

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patriot greater than chi-triot

The Patriot is one of the most recognized rebuildable dripping atomizers within the market right now, and its quality, design and easy of use is absolutely superb. From the 3 posts with common Phillips head screws to the heat sink fins that removes up to 50% of its heat, this is one dripper that is far from being ordinary.

Just like any popular product that makes way into this industry, the Patriot has a clone. What makes the Patriot so different from many products that surface is that it’s made in the USA; its clone is of course made in China.

Today we’ll be comparing an Authentic Patriot with the Chi-Triot, the China made Patriot clone. We’ll go over the appearance and quality / materials used.

Note: I paid $65 for the Patriot, while only paying $17 for the Chi-Triot.


Patriot: The brushed stainless steel gives off a durable and well made appearance. Its 22mm diameter looks flawless on just about any device you put it on and the heat sink fins towards the top of it sets its own personality and unique look. On the large dripper body, you have 2 air holes on opposite ends from one another and centering them is the Patriot logo.

Peeling back its shell there is the base with 2 o’rings. Above it is the large well and 3 post design that makes the Patriot tick. Each post has Phillips head screws and larger holes than average to accept different wire types. Everything about the Patriot looks well placed, well organized and very user friendly offer ample space for coils and wick setups.

Chi-Triot: The Chi-Triot on the other hand, has a polished look that doesn’t give off quite the same first impressions. There’s something about that polished look at makes it look cheap compared to the Patriot’s hard bodied brushed stainless steel. Everything else about this clone seems to be the exact same as far as appearance go. It has the same amount of fins, the same body size, the air holes are in the same place and are the same size as well. China manufacturers have done well copying the Patriot from its head to toe.

Opening to see the insides, again everything looks to be the exact same, except for 2 things not everyone will notice. The screw heads are slightly smaller than the ones on the authentic Patriot and the holes on the posts aren’t the same size either. The Chi-Triot’s holes on the ground posts are smaller and resembles the size of the holes on the Nimbus Clone, which has already posed a problem. However, the power post has a larger hole than the authentic patriot. I can understand the larger hole for the center post, being that it will need to accept 2 pieces of wire for dual coil setups, but I see no reasoning for smaller holes in the ground posts. That is a definite design flaw since the authentic Patriot’s great features are its large holes, making it easier to rebuild. Aside from that, the only other thing I notice is that even though the Chi-Triot has 2 places for o’rings, like the authentic Patriot has, it only came with 1 o’ring actually on the device.

Comparing them both from a distance, they look the exact same other than the difference in its finish. Taking a closer look, you’ll begin to notice slight differences that aren’t for the better. Either way, the $65 I paid for the Patriot just doesn’t justify the difference in appearance between the two.

patriot chi-triot comparison 1


patriot chi-triot comparison 2

Quality / Materials

Patriot: The Patriot is constructed from 303 stainless steel. Everything about this RDA screams quality and its stainless steel body plays a huge role in that. With the Patriot, it feels more solid and even when the inserting the top shell over the base, it sounds solid. The Patriot is a hard and durable metal that if dropped, you can be sure your device is still intact. The threading on the Phillips screws and posts are like butter, very smooth and easy to screw and unscrew and haven’t posed any problems. The 510 threading is smooth and, but I don’t like that the end of it is some-what taper off.

Chi-Triot: The Chi-Triot seems to be constructed from a polished aluminum – That said, it seems to be a bit lighter. The materials used for the Chi-Triot are obviously cheaper, but so is the price. You’ll get a hollow sound when bumping the shell and base together, which lets you know the durability doesn’t compare to that of the authentic Patriot. Opposite from the authentic Patriot, the Chi-Triot’s threading on the Phillips screws and 3 posts are a bit gritty and one of the ground posts won’t allow the screw to seat all the way down like the rest. The 510 threading is smooth, and it’s squared off at the end, which makes it easy to screw on a device, unlike the authentic Patriot.

To compare them both by quality and materials used isn’t a good idea. Just from the looks, you’ll be able to tell that the Patriot is well built with quality materials, while the Chi-Triot is thrown together from a cheap metal. Again, this is why the Patriot has such a large value over the cloned version. Your job is to choose whether the better quality is worth the much larger price.

patriot chi-triot comparison 3



To be honest, the little detailed differences between both the Patriot and Chi-Triot don’t seem enough to make me recommend the authentic version over the cloned version. I just can’t see myself telling someone to pay $65 for something they can get almost identical for a quarter of the price. Yes, I do believe in supporting our US products, but I also can’t see myself continually purchasing products for a high price, when there are others on the market that look and perform reasonably close. I obviously know why the authentic Patriot has the higher price, which is because it has better quality materials and even with this comparison, one is made slightly better than the other. However, even if I would have known this before hand, covering all the comparisons, I wouldn’t have purchased the authentic version, and instead only purchased the clone.

It’s an easy decision to find what fits you best after going over this comparison. If quality and perfection is a must, you’ll want to go with the authentic Patriot. If you’re looking to get the same performance, close to the same function and appearance, and willing to trade off quality for a much lower price, then the Chi-Triot might fit you better. Since I own both of them, I prefer to use the authentic Patriot, but if I only had the Chi-Triot, I would be just as content.

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