Ashtray Blog Has a Great Q&A With Riccardo Polosa

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polosaquoteGiven some recent environmental studies, living in a dense city is likely to be far more harmful to your health than vaping. That’s just one of a number of gems in a pretty exhaustive interview by James Dunworth over at Ashtray Blog. Dunworth connected with Riccardo Polosa and covered some of the latest knowledge behind e-cigs.

Polosa is one of the world’s preeminent experts on electronic cigarettes.  His work at the University of Catania in Italy is showing that electronic cigarettes are likely to be the most successful smoking cessation option to ever exist.  He even showed that they can work for smokers that suffer from schizophenia without risking conflicts with their medications the way many other cessation methods do.

You can (and certainly should) read the full interview right here.

relitivenicotineharmsAccording to Polosa, if the health risk associated with tobacco smoking is equal to 100, vaping health risk is 4.  Similar statements have certainly been made before — some even suggest that for the average smoker a lifetime of vaping is no more harmful than a month of smoking. You can even see how e-cigs compare to other nicotine sources in the graph (click to enlarge).

But the interview digs in a bit further on a couple subjects that aren’t always well covered.  For instance, Polosa suggests avoiding e-liquids with food coloring additives. While this may make e-liquids look a bit more appetizing, there isn’t much known on the effects of food colorings when it comes to inhaling them.  And ultimately, there is no reason to have food coloring in the e-liquids beyond the purely cosmetic.

Polosa continues to be one of the greatest voices on the planet in favor of reasonable regulation of electronic cigarettes.  He was among the first people to conduct cessation studies using them and remains a proponent of their use in all places where they might replace smoking.

One more time, check out the full interview here.

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