AHA Supports E-Cigarettes For Quitting Tobacco Cigarettes

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american-heart-logo-blackThe American Heart Association (AHA) recently released its official policy recommendation on e-cigarettes. The policy stated Monday that e-cigarettes can be used to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. However, they say that e-cigarettes should be used only as a last resort though.

In addition, AHA also believes that e-cigarettes should be regulated just as tobacco products are – implying that there should be stricter advertising restrictions and bans in place to prevent the sale to minors. Moreover, they’ve added that they also support the inclusion of e-cigarettes in smoke-free air laws.

Recent studies raise concerns that e-cigarettes may be a gateway to traditional tobacco products for the nation’s youth and could renormalize smoking in our society. These disturbing developments have helped convince the association that e-cigarettes need to be strongly regulated, thoroughly researched and closely monitored. – Nancy Brown, American Heart Association CEO

It’s fantastic to hear that the American Heart Association feels that e-cigarettes are a viable option for the use of quitting tobacco cigarettes. It’s something many of us e-cigarette users have already known, but with it reaching headlines from such a large organization can be rewarding for the industry’s public appearance. However, e-cigarettes should most certainly not be looked at as a last option. E-Cigarettes are great because they prevent smokers from reaching that last option, and instead make a seamless transition when a smoker is looking for a alternative to traditional cigarettes.

While AHA believes that the evidence that e-cigarettes helping smokers quit tobacco cigarettes is “sparse,” and the few controlled studies they cited showed a “modest effect” on quitting, we can doubt their opinion very strongly. They believe from that evidence that e-cigarettes are about equal to or slightly better than nicotine patches. However, we know better to go off of ‘few’ cited studies:

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Anyhow, the association said, if a patient has failed initial treatment or does not want to use other means such as nicotine patches, “it is reasonable to support the attempt” of using e-cigarettes.

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