The 5 Most Unique Mechanical Mods of 2014

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As a result of non-stop hit makers released by manufacturers, the electronic cigarette market continues to pour out some of the most unique mechanical mods that you’ve ever seen. There was a huge boom in mechanical mods this year and because of it, we’re able to create a stunning list of the 10 most unique mechanical mods of 2014.

Note: These mechanical mods were picked from my opinion of the 10 most appealing mods, and they’re placed in no particular order.

1. Maraxus

This Filipino-made mod from Tactical Workz is one of the most unique and stellar mods on the market right now. The Maraxus is made of many different parts that come together to give the device a very custom look. What really sets this device off and makes it a must for this most unique mechanical mods list, is its 6 lower wire-cut spikes and 4 upper spikes, which is a design far beyond what we’ve seen in the market. This device is not only telescopic, but it’s collapsible as well, which allows multiple ways to use an 18350, 18500 or 18650 battery.

maraxus mod

2. Dreadnaut Hybrid

The Dreadnaut is another device that is Filipino-made and comes from Tactical Workz. This monster of a device is a 22650 hybrid dripper that has a two-toned body of stainless steel and brass. The Dreadnaut is one of the most uniquely made mechanical mods on the market and has a busy appealing body that attracts to many.


3. Steampunk Mod

The Steampunk Mod originally by Pro Mod is certainly one of the most unique mods of 2014. Steampunk itself is already a very unique design; you can understand it by imagining a time where automobiles were powered by coal and steam. Although the gears etched into the device are purely for looks, it turns the device into a unique work of art where the sight of the device is just as good as the performance it creates.

Steampunk mod

4. Panzer Black Hawk

Though the Panzer’s special edition Black Hawk doesn’t necessarily compare to the Maraxus or Dreadnaut in terms of uniqueness, it does however have this unique appearance to it due to the perfectly placed etched lines throughout its body. The Black Hawk has a black gloss finish with accented brass and silver to add to the devices appearance. The Black Hawk breaks down in multiple parts to allow for an 18350, 18500 or 18650 battery to be used.


5. AR Mod

The AR Mod, originally created by Tactical Mods USA, is no doubt one of the most unique mods that has surfaced this year. The mod was inspired by the AR-15 rifle and has holes placed throughout the device to resemble the AR-15’s barrel. What’s so great about this mod is that its looks not only serve as appealing, but it also adds functionality in that the air holes in the 18650 body allows heat to escape from the device.


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