Top 5 Advanced Personal Vaporizers of 2014

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Recently I shared with you my opinion of the 5 most unique mechanical mods of 2014, and to continue that, today I will be sharing my opinion of the 5 most unique advanced personal vaporizers of 2014. These advanced personal vaporizers are devices that have the ability to do variable voltage, variable wattage or both.

Note: This list reflects only my personal opinion are placed in no particular order.

1. Hana Modz

The Hana Modz device comes with a lot of hype. Many of you may think that there isn’t anything unique about this device and that it shouldn’t be on my list. However, I feel that the Hana Modz (v2/v3) is so unique because of its ability to capture an audience by strictly colors and performance. Let’s get real here, the device is just a box, and there have been many box mods within our market, but every feature of this device has some-how become the most talked about mod of 2014.

hana modz pack v2

2. Innokin iTaste 134

If its variable wattage adjustable ring doesn’t make you see this device as unique, its 134 gatling gun similarities definitely will. Though I always viewed this device as something that would feel awkward in the hand, its certainly one of the most unique devices to come out on the market.


3. VaporShark DNA

The VaporShark DNA is unique in that it is only 2.9″ tall and only weighs 4.5 oz. If that’s not enough, this super mini box mod uses Evolv’s DNA30, which gives this little monster some huge power. The VaporShark comes with a 1300mAh LiPo internal battery, it can be charged externally via the micro-usb port, it has a spring loaded center pin and it has an OLED display screen at the bottom. It looks pretty similar to a pager.

vapor shark dna

4. Innokin Cool Fire 2

The Innokin Cool Fire 2 is amazingly unique. We’ve seen custom devices that looked or even made from a bullet, but never have we seen a device that looks like a grenade. There’s a ring at the top of the device that allows you to adjust the wattage up to 12.5 watts and only uses an 18350 battery, so it’s pretty small. This device recently made the headlines with the TSA saying that such a device was not allowed for travel. I wonder why?


5. Smoktech BEC Pro

Many of you may have never heard of this device, and that’s because it’s new to the market. To tell you a bit about this device, you’ll understand why it’s unique. The Smoktech BEC Pro is an 18650 variable voltage and variable wattage device. It has bluetooth capabilities, and if that isn’t enough to make it unique, it also has the ability to reach up to 50 watts. This device has some pretty nice features, like a variable voltage and mechanical mode, having the ability to fire at 0.3ohms, along with displaying the puffs, atomizer resistance, voltage and wattage on your phone – along with more features via the app.

smoktech bec pro

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